What if I mss a game and want to advance with my friends?


There will be times that you will be able to attend an event. This can have a unfortunate impact on your character in that you miss out on advancing your character with your companions. I am sure your next question will be how do I catch up? Well we have a system in place for this called backpay.

What is a backpay?

A backpay represents paying for an event you previously did not attend. It is a monetary cost you can pay to advance your character’s progression. Payment occurs at check in for an event, and only the number of games attended (including the one you are paying for) may be back paid. As a safe guard to prevent over pacing of character growth and lack of character development we only allow you to backpay events missed based on the number of events you have attended.

Example: In other words if I have attended 2 events and have missed 2 events. Then I would be able to backpay for 2 events.

A backpay is priced at the door cost of attending an EOA event.

Current backpay cost: $40.

What do I get with a backpay?

A backpay will net you enough build to cover the Event Blanket CP amount. For more details on Blanket CP, navigate to the Rulebook and review Chapter 3. This is a great reason to save those Quest Items that you receive throughout the events. You can turn in those quest items when backpaying in order to receive your full Cap CP.

-- Until January 2020 all Back Pays will give Cap CP.

What does a backpay not do for me?

A backpay will net you enough build to advance your character but it does not grant your player any knowledge from those previous events. In essence you advance your character without ever having been at that specific event. Characters accumulate rewards through game play. Backpaying does not grant you those rewards.