Check In

This is the process of what a player needs to do in order to partipate in EOA.

The Event

Things that a player needs to know about playing EOA and what is expected of you while at the event. The most important thing that you can do is be on-site (at the campground) with enough time to be ready for the start of the game. We recommend that you arrive by no later than 7:00 pm to give you ample time to get settled in before the game begins. Upon arriving to the site you will need to: find the check-In site, create / update your character, unpack and be ready for opening ceremonies (when the game starts).

IMPORTANT: It is necessary for you to bring a legal ID because you will need to sign a legal release form. Even though we do everything possible to maintain one another’s safety, we’re still outdoors and things can happen! You must be 18 years of age or older to play EOA, therefore your birthday must fall on the Friday of the event that you plan to attend in order to be eligible to sign the waiver to play.

Here is our pricing structure for EOA LARP:

  • $40 at the door
  • $5 discount for pre-registration
  • $5 discount for tents - This space will be limited so please contact us before prepaying.

How to to pre-reg:

If you would like to pre-reg you can paypal Brian directly at Prereg cutoff is Thursday at Noon before the event.

If you would prefer to use Venmo, Cashapp or Zelle please PM Brian Basoco on Facebook for details.

You can PM Brian and include the following in your notes and we will pre-make your character and pull your tags.

Character Name:
Desired Skills:

Step 1: Online Check-In

Many LARPers find that showing up and checking-in is tedious and time consuming. We at EOA would prefer that you have more time to get your makeup and costuming just right. So we have a feature on the website, which allows you to complete steps 1 and 2 online. Simply go to our website, login (make an account for your first time visit), and click on the logistics button. You will then be able to create your character, spend your character points (CP), choose your bunk or tent space and finally pay for your event. We even encourage this process and discount your registration for pre-registering and updating your character online.

Once you have completed pre-registration, you can proceed on to Steps 3 and 4.

Step 1a: Onsite Check-In

Your first stop will be at Check-In, which will typically be held in the largest building on the campsite, usually this will be the Tavern. Check-In opens at 7:00 pm and runs until 9:30 pm. If you have performed Online Check-In, then you will just need to stop at the Check-In table to pick up your tags for the weekend. If you have chosen to not register online then you will start the process here. You will be asked to login to our website, create an account, pay for your weekend and choose a place to sleep. Once these steps are complete you will then move onto the Logistics Table. Be sure to record your login information as you will need that to login to update your new character.

Step 2b: Onsite Logistics

Your next stop along the way will be Logistics. You will travel past the Check-In station and move further into the Tavern to find the Logistics table. This is where you will make your character (on a computer or tablet accessing our website), field technical questions about how abilities may function and collect any Tags and other information necessary for you to play the game.

NOTE: The logistics area is also where you will get your armor evaluated and your weapons checked for safety.

IMPORTANT: This is often where most players see each other for the first time and catch up on what has been going on since the last game. We do not require this to be a quiet area, but do like to keep the noise to a minimum since there are business functions taking place. It becomes hard to hear really quickly when a room full of people are just casually speaking. If you are not checking in, we encourage you to continue these sorts of discussions outside.

Step 3: Unpack Your Gear

Double check to make sure you have your paid tag, which will have your cabin / bed number or tent space written on it. You will have to park in the parking lot and tote your gear to your place of residence for the evening / weekend. So the best advice is to pack smart. Once you have found your cabin or tent space, setup your bedding area and get unpacked. This is a great time to meet your cabin mates, fellow tent neighbors and / or others in the area, as well as to locate the nearest bathroom and showering facility.

Step 4: Opening Ceremonies

Park your car in the designated parking lot. Once parked, be back in the tavern by 10:00 p.m. Friday night for introductions from the staff, game updates, and important announcements. Immediately following opening ceremonies is the New Player Course, where rules are discussed, a mandatory safety course is administered, and any new questions you may have will be answered. If you are a make-up race, all character make-up must be finished before opening ceremonies.


Reset is a time during the event when characters regain all of their skills and spells. In your game bag with spell and skill tag you will have 2 sets. 1 set is for Friday night while the 2nd set is for Saturday. Reset begins at 3 pm and goes until 5 pm. This is a lull time during the game where characters can relax a little, fix their costumes, reapply makeup and get a snack before going into the 2nd half of the event. Characters can recharge their skills and abilities in a number of ways depending on your character this could either be meditating or praying, for instance. Reset cannot be performed during combat, field battles or in the middle of a Mod.

Late Check-In

Late Check-In is for those who arrive to the game after normal hours are over. Just remember that some staff members are also players, so please give them the common courtesy to wait and ask for assistance during a lull in the game, or when they have free time. Late Check-In serves all the same functions as normal Check-In, but in a much more limited capacity, due to lack of staffing during off-hours.

After Opening Ceremonies

EOA begins immediately following Opening Ceremonies, when the thrilling words, “Game On” is shouted by the Staff Team. The game runs all weekend long and does not end until Sunday at 9:00am. After game out at 9:00am the game site will be cleaned up and everyone must depart the grounds by no later than 11:00am (these times are subject to change based on campsite arrangements).

During the weekend of the event you have the EOA world at your fingertips. Players are open to explore the game and all that it has to offer. This can range from roleplaying in the tavern, combat with wandering creatures, or striking out on epic adventures (MODS).


Short for “modules,” a mod or quest is one way to play EOA and is a driving force in game / character development. Your first module as a new player will be the New Player Course, right after Game On. This will be a short introduction to show you how fighting, casting spells, and using skills works at EOA, as well as a quick rundown on all game / event safety rules. We highly recommend that you review all safety and combat guidelines prior to attending your first event. If you arrive late to your first game, ask around for a staff member so they can go over it with you. It just takes a few minutes.

After completing the new player course you are free to begin immersing yourself into the world. Start off by roleplaying with some of the local towns folk and see what may be happening around you. Mod hooks will come with time, if you are involved in certain story progressions. Other ways mods can occur is from quest items dropped from certain monsters in town, or by NPCs handing out clues. Keep an eye out; adventures are at every corner.

Signatures and Rewards

You collect Signatures as you play the game for interacting with plot, completing in-game tasks, and role-playing. You may mix Signature and Reward tags in order to receive your build for the weekend. This means you can just turn in all Reward or all Signature or a mix in between. Never be afraid to ask a plot member after an encounter if you think it might have been sig worthy. Plot gets excited in the storytelling and may forget to hand them out for encounters.

Game Service Requirement

Everyone who is a player at EOA must contribute work time to the game. This is a required part of the game if you wish to receive your end of game signatures and rewards. A weekend shift is 3 hours for any standard weekend event. If you only attend half of an event, then you would only need to contribute 1.5 hours of service time. Most game services will be carried out either by assisting as a monster for Monster Town or serving in the tavern. There are other ways to receive your service time, but these are the most common.


One way to provide service for EOA is to participate in monstering. Players who monster are setting their characters aside for a 3 hour shift to provide the rest of the game with entertainment. What type of monster you will play, how that monster will act, and how strong it will be is typically determined by whomever is currently running monster town. Monster town is an out of play area predesignated by staff for players to perform monstering service. Things that you will find in monster town will be stat cards for all monsters, tabards for monster representation, weapons, and packets for monster use. It is each player’s responsibility to place all monster items back where they were found, in the best condition as you possibly can. If something is broken or damaged then the monster marshall should be notified.

Tavern Duty

Another way to provide service for EOA is to work in the tavern as a server during tavern hours. Those who choose to serve in the tavern must choose a full 3 hour shift. Players can choose to either set aside their character and play a server NPC or they can participate as their character. Either service is acceptable. Duties of a tavern server will include, taking customers orders, assisting in preparing food, cleaning the kitchen area, delivering customers orders, and assisting the Tavern Keeper with other tavern duties. Any tips earned are kept by the player.

Cabin / Tent Sleeping

At Fontainebleau State Park, group camp 3, you will have the option to either sleep in a cabin or bring a tent to sleep in. There is a price difference depending on your sleeping choice which is posted on the EOA website. Those choosing to stay in a cabin will get to sleep in a bunk with a mattress but will still need to bring their own: pillows, bed linens, towels, soap products, etc. Please note that all park buildings are smoke free environments, this includes the cabins.

Tents will be set up in the designated tent areas of the site. Additionally all tent tie down lines will be marked with orange or yellow caution ribbons. As an added precaution we recommend at least 1 glow stick be tied above the entrance to your tent to prevent night time adventurers from crashing into your domicile.

Site Cleanup

Everyone must participate in site cleanup. This includes cleaning up your bunk area, sweeping out your cabin, cleaning the bathroom (toilets, sinks, mirrors, counters and floors). There are other cleanup duties that can be signed up for additionally. Those additional cleaning services will be rewarded with Echo Points. Some of the additional cleaning includes the tavern, around the campsite, and outside trash. The site should be left at least as clean as it was when you arrived. No make-up, whatsoever, should be left behind on the walls, mirror, sinks, etc. There will be penalties for not properly cleaning the cabin areas, beginning with freezing the spending of C.P.