Echo Points

A quick summary of Echo Points

Echo Points (EP)

EOA uses Echo Points (EP) to reward players for the donations of: time, game props, costuming, weaponry, and other needed items (see game requests). Echo Points can be awarded for pregame and post-game activities, such as loading and unloading staff equipment, cutting tags, clean up service of elected site areas, washing costuming, and various other necessary projects. You can also get EPs by NPCing, Staffing, and Plotting. Echo Points are a unique way for EOA to give back to our players in the form of a usable reward to buy specific items or services for your character(s). Echo Points are transferable to other players.

How do I earn Echo Points? Below is a short list for ways to earn Echo Points. This list is not all encompassing - you can earn Echo Points for helping out the game in many ways; this is merely a guideline.

Earning Echo Points

Below is a short list of ways that you can contribute to EOA and earn Echo Points. This is not a complete list, but should act as a guideline for helping players understand how the system works.

  • Additional Monstering / Tavern Volunteer (Game Day) - 40 Echo Points
  • Additional Monstering (Per Hour) - 1 Echo Point
  • Plot/Staff (Effort Rate = 50%)(Game Day) - 60 Echo Points
  • Running Tavern (Effort Rate = 10%) (Game Day) - 44 Echo Points
  • Event Marshall (Crafting, Rogue, High Magic) (Game Day) - 10 Echo Points
  • Donations - Value is determined on a case-by-case basis, high demand items can be up to 2x or 3x base value.

Spending Echo Points

# Things that I want Detailed Information Cost
1 Respending your character Each time is multiplied. This multiplier does not reset 100
2 Respending your class Each time is multiplied. This multiplier does not reset 50
3 Respending your total CP You must respend all of your CP 50
4 Buying Lives Each time is multiplied. This multiplier does not reset 100
5 Random Sphere 1 Crafting Component 1
6 Specific Sphere 1 Component 4
7 Random Sphere 2 Crafting Component 5
8 Specific Sphere 2 Crafting Component 20
9 Quest Items 10
10 The Mystery Box 20