Game Service

Game Service assists those who run the game by providing additional cast members for world interactions such as playing a monster or hosting in the Tavern.

Game Service Requirement

Everyone who is a player at EOA must contribute work time to the game. This is a required part of the game if you wish to receive your end of game signatures and rewards. A weekend shift is 3 hours for any standard weekend event. If you only attend half of an event, then you would only need to contribute 1.5 hours of service time. Most game services will be carried out either by assisting as a monster for Monster Town or serving in the Tavern. There are other ways to receive your service time, but these are the most common.


One way to provide service for EOA is to participate in monstering. Players who monster are setting their characters aside for a 3 hour shift to provide the rest of the game with entertainment. What type of monster you will play, how that monster will act, and how strong it will be is typically determined by whomever is currently running monster town. Monster town is an out of play area predesignated by staff for players to perform monstering service. Things that you will find in monster town will be stat cards for all monsters, tabards for monster representation, weapons, and packets for monster use. It is each player’s responsibility to place all monster items back where they were found, in the best condition as you possibly can. If something is broken or damaged then the monster marshall should be notified.

Tavern Duty

Another way to provide service for EOA is to work in the Tavern as a server during Tavern hours. Those who choose to serve in the Tavern must choose a full 3 hour shift. Players can choose to either set aside their character and play a server NPC or they can participate as their character. Either service is acceptable. Duties of a Tavern server will include, taking customers orders, assisting in preparing food, cleaning the kitchen area, delivering customers orders, and assisting the Tavern Keeper with other Tavern duties. Any tips earned are kept by the player.