The world of Terra is a vast expanding land, filled with distinct nations and cultures.

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The Altherion Expanse

The Altherion Expanse is considered to be the known world to any traders and traveler across all of Terra.

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Continent of Esharan

The continent of Esharan is the largest landmass of the Expanse and home to most of the human nations. Even with its well established human centric rulers, many parts of Esharan remain unsettled.

Republic of Kath

Capital: Summerhold
Government: Republic
Towns of Importance: Velersburg, Horndale, Krag Moren
Religion: Torath the Compassionate

Kath is a older nation steeped in wealth and culture. It was once ruled over by a long standing Monarchy, that was well known for a kindness toward the people. The regent family, Valorem, disposed of the Monarchy nearly 200 years ago and chose to erect a Republic in its place. The Republic of Kath is governed over by a group of elected officials, known as the Assembly, from the surrounding districts of Kath. The Assembly serves as the legislative body of Kath, creating laws and ordinances that are voted on by the general Assembly.

The elected officials are mostly made up of Breythians, however other races are represented as well. The Kathian government’s focus centers around education and commerce. Every city within Kath is well known for its open trade routes and beautiful cities. Most city structures have a Victorian style aesthetic with well developed farmlands and irrigation systems.

Current Leadership:

Since the removal of the monarchy, no single ruler exists in Kath. However, there is the High Council which decides on matters of state. The High Council is made up of a single representative from each city in Kath. Currently there are only four members of the High Council, each one representing their respective cities: Summerhold, Velersburg, Horndale, and Krag Moren.

Kingdom of Risolva

Capital: Argast Hold
Government: Monarchy
Towns of Importance: Cape Coren, Arbor
Religion: Korok the Bold

A kingdom dominated and ruled by humans. Risolva is a wide stretching land filled with thick grasslands and plentiful farms that supply goods straight to the capital. Though the lands are filled with bountiful harvests, the citizenry is ruled over with a iron fist by the Thane and Risolvian military. Thane families have maintained a dynastic rule over Risolva for generations. The current ruler, Timerius Thane, is said to be just as demanding and ruthless as his ancestors. Whomever rules over Risolva carries the title of Thane, which is given to the eldest male of each generation of the Thane family.

Aside from their tight rule of the lands, the Kingdom of Risolva is well known for their military might. At the center of the military might of Risolva, stands the Astorian Knights. A scared order that are totally loyal to the Thane and do his bidding without question.

Current Leadership:

The current ruler of Risolva is Timerius Thane. His father Osric Thane died of natural causes 10 years ago. Since that time Timerius has continue to reign in his father's stead. Recently the Thane has taken interest in the seas and begun to conscript naval forces across the lands of Eshara.

Confederacy of Keshal

Capital: Nelveska
Government: Confederacy
Towns of Importance: Landris Bay, Ratok, Spannertown, Vis’tore
Religion: Rethgar the Salt Father

The Confederacy of Keshal rules over the lands of Keshal. The Confederacy is a collection of port cities and towns all working together in the region of Keshal. The entire region is ruled over by a collective body of regional membership known as the Scions of the Storm. The founding of the Confederacy reaches back to the great breaking. Many small kingdoms and port cities were independent of one another in those days. After the chaos settled most of the lands were in great turmoil and refugees had flooded in from all over the lands. As the new towns and lands began to forge alliances, the founding of the Confederacy became a natural step in the region's growth. According to legend, the first members of the confederacy were pirates and smugglers. To this day many nations trade with Keshal but do so with a careful eye on all dealings that are done.

Current Leadership:

The Confederacy is loosely governed over by the Scions of the Storm. The membership of the Scions is made up of representatives elected from several districts throughout Keshal.

Badlands of Reshan

Capital: None
Government: None
Towns of Importance: Agora Cavern
Religion: None

The Badlands of Reshan is a unforgiving wasteland with wide stretches of land lacking any major sources of water. There is not capital city within the wastes or any specific government of note. The areas are divided into several tribal territories, although “visitors” cannot see these divisions as each territory is vast and violently defended. Each group that lives within the badlands tends to live by their own rules with no specific set of laws. To live in the Badlands is a struggle for life itself. Those who do live within these lands call them the lands of the chosen. All are born and raised to be proud warriors. One place of note within the badlands is Agora Cavern. Angora is a large underground cavern that provides shelter from the harsh environment of the wasteland. Wasteland scavengers meet here to barter and trade wares within the ramshackled marketplace. This area is deemed a safe zone from feuds and blood qualms. It is accessed from a long tunnel leading down from the surface. Weapons are prohibited in Agora Cavern and are demanded to be checked at the tunnels entrance. The self appointed militia that looks over the market is often more ruthless than the dregs that set up their wares. It isn’t uncommon for them to enforce their rule with brutal punishments for the smallest infractions.

Current Leadership:

There is no centralized leadership in the Badlands. Each group or tribe is ruled by their own individual leaders.

Land of Thyluria

Nation of Zahir

Capital: Thel’kis
Government: Dictatorship
Towns of Importance: Tel’kis, Arabos, Port Sorvos
Religion: Zaleria of the Blazing Dawn

Zahir is a beautiful grassland filled with a variety of life. Giant rolling plains, spotted with connecting towns and villages that all seem to intersect with the Light Elf capital city of Thel’kis. All areas of life within Zahir are covered in elegant architecture made of spiraling towers and structures that blend seamlessly into places of natural beauty. Some of these structures and towers appear to glow with a natural ambiance of light even when the sun has set across the land.

Current Leadership:

The current Great Protector is Luthias Araberos. He is a passionate young man whose lust for adventure knows no bounds. It is a common sight to find the Protector walking among the citizenry learning about their lives and offering assistance where he is able.


Capital: Vesoreth
Government: Plutocracy
Towns of Importance: Vesoreth, Chultoth, Scale
Religion: Eye of Tol’Brynn

Mezok’s land is covered in dense rainforest and fauna. Within these jungles is no place for the common person. Everything that exists in the borders of Mezok should be considered to be dangerous. The plants are intelligent predators and creatures of tooth and claw prowl the jungle floor. Insects bite travelers incessantly combined with terrible heat and humidity is nearly unbearable. Within the underbrush all manner of poisonous creatures roam waiting to strike their next victim. Most things that call this place home potentially carry some sort of illness or parasite and it is very easy to catch one of these terrible illnesses from the slightest contact. Regardless of all of these horrible conditions those creatures that call these jungles home protect it fiercely. If adventurers are lucky they will only be captured while those less fortunate will likely perish. Rumors all over Terra speak of great riches and secrets that exist within the depths of these jungles. Because of this travelers come from all over in search of secret riches and are willing to brave the dangers for the off chance of wealth or power.

Current Leadership:

To the Nathair, nothing is more powerful than their ruler, the Supreme Emperor Thylian Nhyris Extamis. Emperor Extamis is a well known leader for his zeal in worshiping of Tol’Brynn. Since his rule began, old rituals of faith have surfaced again. One function of that faith is the Order of the Fang. A group of religious zealots whose only function is to enforce worship of Tol’Brynn by anyone residing within the lands of Mezok.


Capital: Dorians Rest
Government: Tribal Confederation
Towns of Importance: Blackwater, Pryndale, Maer Valis
Religion: Varied

Fanalis is a wide stretching arctic region, along the southern reaches, due south of Thyluria. Though the lands are frozen and filled with dangerous beasts and other lurking creatures, many have found ways to survive and call it home. Most of Fanalis appears featureless at a glance when peering acrossing the vast frozen plains. However, once you venture further into the interior, across the tundra, you will find groves of ancient trees, vast mountain ranges, rivers filled with delicious ironhead mackerel, and plentiful grasslands nestled into wide stretching vallies, rich with life. Several small trading villages dot the coastline and at the core of coastal trading you will find the port city, Blackwater. Those who chose to travel into Fanalis will have little trouble locating the massive walled city of Dorians Rest. Nestled atop a large hill, the walls reaching high into the sky. According to legend, the city was constructed by giants and departed for unknown reasons. Now humans have taken over as its stewards. Once a year a chiefs moot is held in the walls of Dorians Rest and tribal business is conducted.

Current Leadership:

There is no centralized leadership in Fanalis. Each group or tribe is ruled by their own individual leaders.

Nation of Sundrah

Capital: Elethon
Government: Republic
Towns of Importance: New Sidros, Torkas
Religion: Elebor the Unifier

Sundrah is a unique Republic State, governed over by a caste-like senatorial regime. The Ricah make up most of the residents of Sundrah and represent a majority of its governing body. The structure and culture of the capital city of Elethon is a model of how many towns and cities are structured all across Sundrah. The city is divided into districts of element styles (air, earth, fire, water) and each district is assigned various tasks to collectively serve the city. The fire district is responsible for the military and local law enforcement. The air district is responsible for the schools of magic, libraries, lore and the protection of the people. The earth district is responsible for tactical warfare, cartography, commerce, and crops. Lastly the water district responsible for the waterways, health of the people and the defenses of the city.

The lands of Sundrah are uniquely divided by a large stretching mountain range, known as the Yiltian Crest. One half of the lands are covered by dense forest, while beyond the mountains you will find a far stretching desert. In the places between the forest and the shores you will find rolling hills and abundant orchards. Many of the exotic grape wines come from Sundrah. Especially one of the most sought after wines, the harrowvale red. Aside from wine, Sundrah has many other exports throughout the lands. It is rumored throughout all Sundrah that forest continues to attempt to reclaim the lands where the forest once was. Some smaller village ruins are now covered by dense forest groves. Most of the cities are found along the coasts and typically are supported by agriculture or fishing.

Current Leadership:

Each city in Sundrah north of the Yiltian Crest is governed by the Elethorin Senate. Each member of the Senate is called a Elect. These Elects are voted by the people and are maintained in power over the course several years. Elections for the Elect occur as needed to replace those who are too old to govern or have been removed for various reasons. Lands south of the Yiltian Crest are independent of the Elethorin Senate rule.


Capital: Irithyl A’mal
Government: Matriarchy
Towns of Importance: Neralkuur, Porador, Alphatia
Religion: Kreldak the Warmonger

The land of A’sulren is bounded on all sides by mountain ranges, arranged into a rough rectangle-like shape. To the north you will find the Isembor Ured mountains, along the east and southern parts of the island you will find the Pilars Eskeliur mountain range (Pillars of the Sky). To the west you will find the Dragon’s Maw mountains. In the interior of the island is decorated with giant waterfalls and riverways that flow into the island interior. Giant creatures roam the island, making it extremely dangerous to venture out alone. Those brave enough to traverse these dangers will find creatures that are desired for varied worth of exotic hides, teeth and other resources.

Most of the inhabitants live within the mountains for protection and safety to include the native Shadow Elves. One of the most well known sanctuaries is the city of Irithyl A’mal. The city is nestled into the Isembor Ured mountains with parts of the city both above and under the ground. The spires that can be seen have airy arches connecting across delicate spans and walkways. Many of the inner court building’s floors are decorated by marble and quartz, presenting a sparking wonder by daylight. Near the southern shores you will find the port city of Neralkurr. Nearly all trading done with A’sulren, will pass through this port. Most other surrounding colonies that have access to the shores, are typically smaller fishing villages.

Current Leadership:

All of A’sulren is ruled over by the Shadow Elf Matriarchy, ruled by a council of 5 Sildoren (queens). Each Sildor rules over a region that spans a part of the lands of Enkiya’dak. The Sildoren are the highest of authority in their respective regions and rule over their territories with an iron fist. The Sildoren will always be replaced by the eldest daughter of the currently reigning Sildoren. The five rulers currently are Dezakir, Ye’syar, Naegeiros, Virphine, and Sarpeiros.


Capital: Kalestra
Government: Monarchy
Towns of Importance: Hammer Port, Crown Port, Brew Port, Spanner Port, Tarkat
Religion: None

Enomera is a very odd sight indeed to see from the ocean, as smoke bellows high in the sky. The entire island is covered in man-made materials, with little in the way of natural sights remaining. Even with all of this unnatural construction the island pulses with bustling markets and races from all over Terra. Sometimes called the island of commerce, it is commonly known that one can find literally anything for sale here. So long as you know where to look or who to pay off. All of Enomera is highly dependant on trade as it no longer has much in the way of natural land remaining. This dire need for commerce and economy has contributed to the social structure that now exists on the island. No matter where you may be in the social standing of the island every resident must pay homage and taxes to the Merchant King.

Since Enomera is a neutral port, it tends to be a haven for pirates and a rich hiring community of sea-hands and mercenaries. The bustling ports are often filled with ships that are always coming and going. Enomera is a traders dream, as a vast quantity of wealth is made in the quick turnover of product in the town. Which makes it easy for them to reap the benefits. Merchants come in from all over to cash in on various markets and trade vessels, and then turn around and sell their own wares in other ports. Only the poor must eek out an existence in the very limited farms, lumberyards and the ever deepening mines. They also provide the work as servers, bar hands, dock-workers, and other menial labor tasks within Enomera.

Current Leadership:

The current ruler of Enomera is Merchant King Elnoral. He is the richest gnome in the entire city and well loved by the people. He is known for throwing fantastic parties, making amazing deals and being a bit of a joker at times.


The lands of Fahamir are believed to be cursed and avoided by any who sail the Cousarian Sea. The whole of the island is surrounded by a dense fog and all of the shore approaches are extremely dangerous. Jagged rock and sunken ships encircle the island.

Valen Aleris the Western Lands

Everything that lies west of Sundrah, across the Cyrith Ocean is often referred to as the Forgotten Lands. These lands are sparsely populated and many hold terrors and wonders only whispered of in taverns.