Gods And Faiths

A quick summary of Gods And Faiths

Faiths of Terra

The world of Terra is home to many different faiths. Some faiths have far reaching influence while others are recently emerged into the world. Newer faiths that spring to life typically have charismatic leaders and believers that spread their new found faith across the land. Others are less well known and are likely smaller cults that are either to hidden or so strange that few take them seriously. Regardless of their place in the world, unique fairths can be found all across the world of Terra.

Torath the Compassionate

Torath is known as the god of compassion and justice. His worshipers come from a wide variety of cultures and is often represented in various forms. He often comes as a warrior dressed in plated armor wearing a golden tabard, or in rare cases as an elderly man presiding over a trial.The center of his faith can be found in the Republic of Kath. He is tough, but fair, as is the justice he stands for. Torath is known for making choices from the heart, which would defy logic in cases that would seem more cut and dry to a judge of the law.

Center of Belief: Republic of Kath

Symbol: Gold bordered shield covered in a plain blue field. A set of equal golden scales at the center.

Korok the Bold

Korok is seen as the God who instills honor, discipline and military structure to his followers. He is always displayed as a heavily armored warrior in the thick of battle. Korok is typically worshipped by professional soldiers, errant knights and those who live in a world heavily influenced by military presence. Most followers of Korok are found in the Kingdom of Rislova. Some legends believe that the first ruling king was actually Korok himself who forged the lands into a place after his own image. Korok encourages battle over diplomacy and does not tolerate cowardice.

Center of Belief: Kingdom of Risolva

Symbol: Silver sword with the tip facing up, and a red cloth wrapped around the hilt trailing off

Rethgar the Salt Father

Any who travel the seas know the name of Rethgar. He is known to represent courage, alcohol and adventure. His dominion over the oceans is legendary all across Terra. It is said that he was the first sailor to ever sail the seas and was chosen by the great ocean. All sailors pay homage to Rethgar by pouring a bottle of mead into the ocean before striking out on a long voyage. The center of Rethgar’s faith can be found on nearly any sailing vessel, but the Confederacy of Keshal’s church is renowned for its influence and dedication to the faith of Rethgar.

Center of Belief: Confederacy of Keshal

Symbol: Black trident pointed up with a 4 pointed star above each tine

Zaleria of the Blazing Dawn

Zaleria is known to be a goddess of the sun. She often is viewed as the keeper of birth, renewal, vitality and understanding. Her worshipers often depict Zaleria is a tall, golden Elf wrapped in beautiful white robes. Other times she can be portrayed as a meek priestess, adorned in purple robes and wielding a rod made of fire. She is a meticulous deity, who believes that all agreements should be written down, recorded in formal contracts, sealed and witnessed. Those who follow Zaleria are structured and churches are based on strict hierarchy and rules. Just as there are eight rays of sun, there are eight Abbots whom serve Zaleria without question. Beneath the Abbots you will find lower clergy members such as Jurists, Magistrates, Guardians of Light, Radiant Servants and lastly, the most junior are called Clerks. If you are not a member of the church but still follow the beliefs of Zaleria, then you will find yourself aligned with the principles of order and bureaucracy.

Center of Belief: Zahir

Symbol: A golden circular sun with 8 pointed rays

Order: Church of the Blazing Dawn

Veris the Unbound

Veris is the god of intrigue, turmoil and trickery; his very existence is for the thrill of life and all it has to give. His nature thrives on disorder and unpredictability. This all may seem chaotic and random without purpose, but his true motivations and objectives are met with determination and precision. Discord is a tool which he uses to obtain his desires, and as a means to an end to keep himself truly entertained. The worst crime for those who follow Veris is a life of boredom and stagnation. Followers of Veris embrace discord and bedlam, using these as elements to teach others to live life to the fullest. These tools can come in the way of humor or in darker games where your life may be on the line. Most who follow Veris take pleasure in undermining the law and finding ways to exploit its very rules.

Center of Belief: No true center of this faith exists

Symbol: A black mask with red eyes

Kreldak the Warmonger

Kreldak is the lord of violence, and symbol to anyone that chooses to embrace violence as a way of life. This thirst for carnage is unquenchable, causing most followers to mindlessly seekout battle at every turn. Those who truly worship Kreldak not only indulge in violence; they are expected to rally and incite it in others. He encourages his followers to employ whatever strategy is necessary to ensure success in battle, unhindered by morality. There is no honor or chivalry in his faithful, to do so is to show weakness. Kreldak’s name can be found shouted within any arena or gladiatorial fighting pit and is synonymous with war. To shed blood on the battlefield is a great honor for Kreldak’s followers, whether it's the enemies or your own. When depicted he often appears as a giant, black plated warrior, covered in spikes.

Center of Belief: A’sulren

Symbol: Crossed red axe and sword