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Echoes of Athus is a chaotic world suffused with the most powerful elemental magics and divine forces. Some believe these forces are gifts from the gods while others see them as primal energies of the natural world. Regardless of the world view you choose to take, each respective force draws its power from the corresponding plane, and each plane represents different aspects of the universe.

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Mana Casting System

We are happy to announce that the first three events of the Echoes of Athus will include a play test of a mana casting system (described below.) This means that all players starting out will have a chance to take part in this test system, instead of beginning with the standard "column system" for casting. This is a play test, so if the system seems imbalanced or doesn't work for other reasons then we will replace it with the "colum casting system" described elsewhere.

First of all, this system will retain the spells and spell levels ranging 1-9 of our alternative system. However, there will be five different colors of mana used to cast the spells:

-Red Mana: Level 1 & 2 spells
-Blue Mana: Level 3 & 4 spells
-Green Mana: Level 5 & 6 spells
-Yellow Mana: Level 7 & 8 spells
-Silver Mana: Level 9 spells

Casting spells with this system will require expending a certain number of a partiular color mana associated with the level of the spell. Simply put, all odd numbered spells will cost 1 mana and al even numbered spells will cost 2 mana:

-Level 1 spells will require one Red Mana, while Level 2 spells will require two Red Mana
-Level 3 spells will require one Blue Mana, while Level 4 spells will require two Blue Mana
-Level 5 spells will require one Green Mana, while Level 6 spells will require two Green Mana
-Level 7 spells will require one Yellow Mana, while Level 8 spells will require two Yellow Mana
-Level 9 spells will require one Silver Mana

A player will gain mana by puchasing an associated mana skill with CP. Each time a mana skill is purchased, a player receieves 3 mana of the color associated with the skill except Harvest Silver which will grant 1:
-Harvest Red Mana -- Cost : 2 CP
-Harvest Blue Mana -- Cost: 4 CP
-Harvest Green Mana -- Cost: 6 CP
-Harvest Yellow Mana -- Cost 8 CP
-Harvest Silver Mana -- Cost 5 CP

A player begins by purchasing "Harvest Red Mana," and must purchase this skill a total of 5 times to purchase purchase "Harvest Blue Mana." This trend continues all the way throughout the skills, so:

  • 5 Harvest Red Mana is required to purchase 1 Harvest Blue Mana
  • 5 Harvest Blue Mana is required to purchase 1 Harvest Green Mana
  • 5 Harvest Yellow Mana is required to purchase 1 Harvest Silver Mana

To cast a spell with this system, a player simply needs to say the spell verbal, throw the packet, and discard the appropriate number and color of mana associated with the spell casted.

Racial Benefits: Races that benefit from a free spell column of a particular casting class will simply be required to buy 5 Harvest mana skills and get their sixth one for free, if the character is of the appropriate casting class associated with the race.