Opening Campaign

Welcome to Echoes of Athus LARP

Where the story begins

It is the 218th year in the Age of Enlightenment on the world of Terra, where our story begins. The collective nations across the Altheron Expanse hold to shaky alliances and peace treaties that are continually tested each day. Even as new things emerge and old things re-emerge, each land seeks to broaden their grasp on the entirety of the Expanse. It was during these times that from out of the Cousarian Sea, a giant island arose from the depths. This singular event threw the entirety of the Expanse into chaos as each surrounding nation made plans to claim this new landmass. Deals were made and wars were planned. It was in the midst of this chaos that the Gnome Merchant King, Elnoral proposed an expedition with a tentative land and resource sharing treaty. All nations respected Elnoral and knew that to move against the Gnome King would be to bring the wrath of the other nations. This lead to all of the nations signing the pact and agreeing to explore this new found land with a joint expeditionary force.

Within a short amount of time a collective expeditionary force was gathered from the surrounding lands. Some were experts in their respective crafts while others were merchants, soldiers, researchers, young nobles and countless mercenaries. This was the chance of a lifetime for most to be able to stake claim to new lands, escape from their past and to unearth ancient treasures. Ships from all over the Altheron Expanse gathered in the deep harbor of Ladris Bay off the western coast of Keshal. Once all of the representatives were gathered, a great ceremony was had, giving way to the launch of the Wayfarer Fleet of Keshal. The giant deep water vessels laden down with supplies and people struck out on the voyage to the unknown land, recently named Evenor by the gathered nobility. The name took hold quickly and was echoed by everyone gathered for the expedition.

The waters of the Cousarian Sea opened up before the massive fleet, parting effortlessly as their journey took them into the horizon. After several days of travel, the seas began to turn angry, frothing with fury. Those who believed in Rethgar, the Salt Father, made offerings and prayed that seas would calm. Without warning the Wayfarer Fleet was besieged by powerful waves and unforgiving torrents. There was no way to turn back and so they plunged onward towards the shores of Evenor. The very structures of the deep water vessels moaned from the force of the storm. In those moments when many were holding their breath, hopeful for safe passage to the shores, ships began to capsize from the massive waves.

Some vessels ran aground along the shore, while others were shattered into pieces. As the exhausted crews began to climb towards the shore, many looked back at the raging storm they had barely survived. Far in the distance, something massive moved along the waves, gliding effortlessly through the storm. It quickly disappeared, along with any hope that the survivors would be able to sail home. True to their convictions, it was time to survive and it would likely take everyone to make it to the morning...Welcome to Echoes of Athus! Enjoy!