Barbarians are primal warriors, with a deep connection to the land.

Barbarian Overview


Barbarians come from nomadic tribes and are not accustomed to “civilized” society. They are mighty warriors who rely on their strength and their connection with the land. All barbarians are characterized by a bestial rage that is empowered by ancestral spirits, many which possess an inner passion for violence. Most outsider assumptions are correct, however there is much more to being a barbarian than violence. They are an extremely noble people that take great pride in individual accomplishments and acts of strength. Most will define this strength through physical actions, but the power of the elements is respected by all.


Most barbarians are slightly taller than the average human, extremely muscular with a hardy physique. They typically wear furs of some kind and wear their hair long and most women have exquisite braids. It is very uncommon to hear of a bald barbarian.

Life Expectancy

Barbarians tend to live slightly shorter lives than most humans. This is typically due to the rigors of the environment and their constant searching for battle. Most will typically live to be about 40 to 60 years old. Those barbarians who have gray hair become tribal elders and must retire to the village to share their stories with both the people and the spirits of the land.

What are Barbarians

Barbarians are an ancient people who once resided on the isle of Fahamir, and is believed to be their ancestral home. This isolated living is perhaps why Barbarians act very differently from other humans. Their traditions and lifestyle are perceived as strange to those of the outside world.

It is believed that long ago the first tribe, Rashun, once held power over most of the great lands. When the Sundering came, the surviving Rashun fled the mainland and sought a place of solitude and peace apart from the influences of the gods. It is believed that the spirits of the land chose the Rashun people to become its protectors. This is why to this day, all barbarians thank various spirits, in dealing with unexplained events or mishaps. In time many of the barbarian families grew tired of island life and sailed for the mainland. In present day, most barbarian tribes roam the plains, living off the lands and thanking the spirits around them for their protection and guidance.

Barbarian warriors strike out on their own at a young age as a rite of passage. They travel the world and search for their own truths. Truths are defined as the viewpoints of a Barbarian and how they will see the world. Once a warrior has found their truth, eventually they return to the tribe to share their stories with the people.

Most magical arts are practiced within the tribes, though clerics and reavers are quite rare. When a cleric is present within the tribe, their responsibilities gravitate toward healing the wounded, assisting the sick and communing with the spirits of life when a new child is brought into the clan. A reaver is typically tasked with seeing that the dead are taken care of and ensuring that their spirit passes on to be with the their ancestors. The reaver must also ensure that the descendants of the fallen are praised and honored for their sacrifice.

The first weapon given to a barbarian by his father is always known as the oath keeper. There is nothing magical about this weapon only that it represents a sacred trust held by all barbarians. If an oath is given, then the oath must be honored to death. This is not something that is done lightly by a barbarian. If a barbarian chooses someone to be their friend, they will have a true companion in this world.

Places of History

Fahamir - The sacred island is a place of mysticism and mystery. The heart of the once great Rashun Clan originated from these shores. It's a place of power and mystery. The island is surrounded by a dense fog and shores are dangerous for most vessels to land. Many whom have traveled to the island never return.

Legends of Old

Kothsueth - Being of fire known throughout the Barbarian people. It is believed that fire was a gift from Kothsueth and he must be thanked when a fire is created, lest he take away the great gift.

Shaul - Keeper of the night and secrets. Shaul is an ancient spirit that is believed to bring communications from dead. When crows are seen near corpses, it is Shaul, who has come to collect the spirits and their secrets. A Barbarian must never attack or frighten a crow. Or they shall suffer curses far worse than death.

Player Details

Makeup Requirements:

Barbarians must wear blue woad (makeup) on 50% of all exposed skin. This can be done through markings, symbols or portions covered as needed.


Empowered by their ancestors, Barbarians have a strength about them that can be tapped into when provoked to battle. Their frenzy ability, which grants them 2 Additional Strength in combat, becomes active when anger and/or berserk is cast on them. Frenzy is a controlled rage that is directed towards any active enemy combatants. Frenzy lasts for 10 minutes or until the end of combat. Due to their intimate connection to the land, all Barbarians are able to find their way and thus have the Know Direction skill.


True to their warrior beliefs, Barbarians cannot run from combat. Combat is defined as any enemy creature that is currently actively engaged with you.