A quick summary of Dwarf

Dwarf Overview


Dwarves are one of the shorter race of Terra, but what they lack in height they make up for in bulk and tenacity. Their powerful stature makes them quite the formidable opponent on the battlefield or in a tavern brawl. Whether they are mining deep underground or in the thick of combat, dwarves are easily recognizable. Male dwarves all have beards of which they are fiercely proud, while female dwarves prefer long intricate braids of hair.

Typically most dwarves can be found living beneath massive mountain ranges, nestled in their underground halls. Their ability to mine, refine, and craft contributes to their natural attraction to the vast depths below. Dwarves are not only widely known for their ability to craft, but also as ferocious fighters with a natural talent when wielding a hammer. Most dwarven warriors are seen brandishing elaborate hammers into battle or intensely manning the forge in times of peace.


Dwarves are a short and stout race, as their name implies, standing from 4 to 5 feet tall on average. Males have robust full beards, sometimes adorned with clasps or precious metals, while female dwarves have extravagantly long braids in their hair, typically adorned with jewelry.

Life Expectancy

Dwarves age much like humans but over a longer period of time, remaining vigorous well past 150 years. Most dwarves lived to see their bicentennial and a few live to be over 400.

What are Dwarves

Dwarves are a very proud race of fierce warriors that absolutely refuse to take any guff from anyone. Since their lifespan is much longer than that of humans and other races, they often approach and take on tasks at a somewhat slower pace than others. They are meticulous about detail almost to the point of obsession, a fact that sometimes infuriates the other races. Despite this slow approach to most things, dwarves are quick and decisive when it comes to warfare; to them, battle is the essence of which glory is made, especially when it is in defense of their race, friends, or ideals.

Naturally dour and suspicious, the stout folk are slow to trust others, specifically towards those outside their family, suspecting the worst of an individual until the outsider proves his or her worth. Once this trust is gained, dwarven bonded friendship is unmatched. Their views on betrayal, even a minor slight, shall be answered with vicious reprisal.

Places of History

Glen’Keth - One of the oldest strongholds of the Dwarven people. As the Dwarven people expanded their influence onto the surface, one of their first outposts was Krag Moren. Most of the connecting passages to Glen’Keth have fallen into disrepair as the majority of the Dwarven people chose to live closer to the surface.

Legends of Old

Forge of Vulcantis - The elder Dwarves speak of a place that is believed to be the birth of all Dwarves. A giant forge that molds and fashions creation. Dwarves, according to the legends, were its caretakers until it vanished. What happened to the forge is not exactly clear, only that it disappeared.

Halls of Dometh Angkel - According to legend, King Dometh constructed a massive labyrinthine network that connects all of the underground passages of Terra. No Dwarf in memory has stepped foot into those halls, nor can any recall its location.

Player Details

Makeup Requirements:

Dwarven makeup varies depending on if you are a male or female. All male dwarf characters must wear a full fake (or real if one is dedicated enough) beard of at least six inches and female characters must wear at least two decorative hair braids.


All dwarves are raised from the time of childhood to be able to swing a hammer. This is a skill that has been honed both through the forge and in battle. All dwarves start with 1 additional success marble when performing a smithing challenge, and any hammer wielded by a Dwarf, in combat, adds +1 to base damage.


Dwarves’ short stature prevents them from being able to wield two handed weapons of any kind, this includes spears. Their powerful metabolism works against them as well. Dwarves affected by Poison will perish faster than other races. The duration of poison takes only 5 minutes to kill a Dwarf.