With a mix of fear and pride on his face, the Gnome merchant responded to the Human captain, "You don't know scary until you've fought a rat your size. Have you ever fought a rat your size? I have."

Gnome Overview


Gnomes are one of the smaller races of Terra that have green hair and a natural gift for gab. They are adept at trade and possess a keen eye for the worth of things. Gnomes are most often found near large cities or ports with a natural attraction to trade districts. Gnomish society is extremely intricate, filled with extensive verbal debates and complex games designed to unearth secrets. Gnomes will always project mirthfulness, appearing to be friendly to lower another's guard. Sometimes this light-hearted attitude is genuine but other times it is a facade to lull people into a false sense of security, so that they might reveal secrets that would benefit the Gnome.

Gnomes are extremely social towards their own kind and will often form neighborhoods within cities they inhabit, both for companionship and for mutual protection. The communities are often set up to act much like a merchant district or baazar. Each Gnome typically taking on the duties of a specific trade to assist the community. Most Gnomes tend to be greedy, measuring their position by their wealth and reveling in the power and pleasures that it brings. Others will apply their influence in less obvious ways preferring to work in the shadows, while some Gnomes simply enjoy being the best at their respective trade. The majority of the gnomish race hails from the island of Enomera.


Gnomes typically stand between 4 to 5 ft tall, with a lilithe frame. They are all known to have green hair and a salesman’s tone of voice.

Life Expectancy

Gnomes typically live anywhere from 100-300 years depending on their trade or skill. They generally reach maturity around 13, at which time all gnomes in Enomera take the toiling test. This helps determine their job or career path.

What are Gnomes

Gnomes are natural traders with a knack for various trade practices including, being a sellsword, tradesman, or privateer. They strive to find their path in life by accepting their career path or rebelling against it for something more adventurous. You will typically see them as masters of their respective craft, or occasionally, those who are unwilling to complete even the slightest labor. Those who choose to rebel are considered outcasts and are shunned from living on Enomera.

Gnomish society operates similar to any business that one might be familiar with. There are those who are excellent at running the business and those who work within the business at various levels. The highest rank within Gnomish society is the Merchant King. He governs over all of Enomera and his mandates are followed by all Gnomes regardless of where they call home. Those who serve the Merchant King as his envoys to the world are known as Pashka. The Pashka enforce the Merchant King’s laws and ensure that his message is heard around the world. The right hand of the Merchant King is known as the Ravak (Merchant of War).

All Gnomes must partake in the Toiling Test. This is a rigorous exam that is conducted once a year for all young Gnomes, to help them find their craft. It's important to note that the results of the test does not limit someone's ability to be elevated in society, it simply assists young Gnomes in discovering their hidden talents. The Toiling is a secret examination that takes place beneath the capital and Gnomes that take the test can never recall what happened below the city. Once the assessment is complete, all Gnomes are assigned a tradeskill that they are naturally adept at. Most trades include: Architect, Armorer, Bounty Hunter (rare), Brewer, Farmer, Jewelcrafter, Miner, Tailor, Tinkerer (Rare), or Weaponsmith. Most Gnomes will typically serve their craft and never leave the island of Enomera. Those that do strike out on their own will always keep Enomera in their heart and explore the world in search of the grandest deals.

Places of History

**Enomera ** - Current home to a majority of the Gnomes and a trade city that spans the entire length of island. Its ports can be accessed year round and typically is thought of as the home of modern currency.

Airenar - Thought to be the original birthplace of the Gnomes and rumored to now be the location of the gnomish outcasts.

Legends of Old

The Migration - This is mourned as a time when most of the Gnomes in Airenar were dying of starvation and started the move to the now great city of Enomera.

Merchant King Elnoral - The current ruler of Enomera. He is the richest gnome in the entire city and well loved by the people. He is known for throwing fantastic parties, making amazing deals and being a bit of a joker at times.

Player Details

Makeup Requirements:

The player must have green hair. This can either be achieved by hair spray or by wearing a wig.


All Gnomes are known for thrifty ability to craft a deal. Due to their adept deal making skills,all Gnomes get 1 random tier 1 crafting compoment per game. Additionally, they are well known for their fast hands and deft fingers when counting coins. Their quick hands grant Gnomes a minus two search count which can stack with the Quick Search skill. Gnomes have When Tinkering, Gnomes gain 1 additional success marble.


Gnomish size, along with small hands, certainly has its disadvantages. Their short stature prevents them from being able to wield two handed weapons of any kind, this includes spears. Gnomes are also known for their lithe physical frame. Since they have smaller bodies, Gnomes cannot buy the Rugged or Fortitude skill.