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Human Overview


Humans can be found throughout all of Terra. They are fond of community and typically form large societies that will attempt to enfold all other races of Terra. Though shorter lived than most races humans alway seem to find away to rise to the pinnacles of power. This has resulted in massive kingdoms and in some cases ancient empires whispered through the ages.


Humans tend to be different in overall appearance based on their homeland. Some will have darker skin, and in the more frigid lands where lots of clothing is required they will tend to have lighter skin. Clothing will also vary depending on the region they hail from.

Life Expectancy

Humans typically live between 80 and 90 years of age. They tend to die for all the typical reasons that anyone may die. Humans do tend to live closer to the end of their life expectancy than most other races.

What are Humans

Magar - Magar inhabit the eastern continent of Eshara, but are mostly found in the lands of Reshan. They are a rugged people who are most notable for ritual scarring and brandishing proudly their various battle scars. They are wild plains men that typically war among themselves in their tribal communities. Occasionally one of the Magar clans will cross the mountains down into Kath to raise and raid villages.

Jorn - These people all originate from the bitter southern climates of Fanalis. They are typically fairer skinned than most, adorned in heavy cloaks and skins in order to protect themselves from the unforgiving weather of the frigid south. Jorns tend to be a very practical people, who often rely on the land.

Souldrim - The Souldrim are a seafaring people who live on ships and the islands in the Cyrth Ocean and the Cousarian Sea; indeed, they take every effort to be born, give birth, marry, and die on board their ships. They only show up on the mainland to trade goods. They typically have darker complexions, and are seen as "exotic" by mainlanders.

Breythian - Breythian are the main inhabitants of Eshara and are found all across Kath, Risolva and Keshal. They are a very diverse group of humans, ranging from light to dark hair and a variety of eye colors. Most Breythian tend to live in communities and are the most common group living in the known world.

Places of History

Argast Hold - This ancient city is believed to be the first city of mankind, is located in the center of Risolva and is the heart of the Kingdom of Risolva. The original city is carved and constructed within a cavern network deep within a giant plateau. The city has continued to grow and evolve over the ages and now the newest parts of the city are built both atop the plateau with an impressive castle and sprawling markets and districts now surround the ancient plateau.

Legends of Old

[Connecting legends and heroes of old lore]

Player Details

Makeup Requirements:

No makeup requirements exist for humans.


Humans do not have any special advantages.


Humans do not have any special disadvantages.