Light Elf

A quick summary of Lightelf

Light Elf

Light Elf

Light Elves are stalwart protectors and clerics that originate from the ancients lands of Anawyn. They are naturally adept at the magical arts and share a deep interest in the mysteries of magic. Light Elves are a very family oriented race that tend to establish strong bonds. These principles drive the entire race to live in large communities, with massive family ties. Nearly all Light Elf communities can be found in the lands of Zahir. Zahir is a beautiful grassland filled with a variety of life. From an early age Light Elves learn to run the plains and survive its many hidden dangers. Their training is passed down within the families, from the art of swordplay to the deeper workings of clerical magics. The capital city of Thel’kis is located near the center of Zahir. The view from the great spire is said to stretch all the way to the sea.


Light Elves typically stand between 5 ½ and 6 ½ feet tall. They have pointed ears, golden runes on their cheeks and golden hair. Their eyes are colored in a golden hue that sets their eyes apart from most.

Life Expectancy

Light Elves tend to live about 500 years, but this a rare thing as most die in battle before reaching such a late age in life. Most Light Elves reach maturity around 50 years of their life, and maintain a mystical allure, for most of their days.

What are Light Elves

Light Elves have an affinity for freedom more than anything else, preferring the way of unrestricted liberty to the restraints of civilized law and order. Liberty, both of one’s self and of others, tends to be the greatest virtue in Light Elven society. This love for freedom is often tempered by a good and generous nature with a predisposition for compassion. The freedom to choose how one will live their life has had its own sources of problems over the centuries. The Sigil was founded as a way to ensure the survival of the Light Elven race. The Sigil is a belief system that requires all Light Elves to till the lands, assist in repairs and building new buildings, and finally to enlist within the military and serve the country as Soldiers. The time spent tilling the lands is a minimum of 5 years and another 5 years assisting in construction and projects. The final leg of the Sigil is your time as a soldier, as a member of the Sun Guard. Service as a soldier lasts 10 years from the time you have joined. Once your service within the Sigil is complete, a Light Elf may choose any path they wish to walk in life. Your completion of the Sigil is logged within the Temple of Alor’kurin.

Light Elf society is governed by the Great Protector. Their belief is that an absolute ruler is required in order to have absolute freedom. The Great Protector is always chosen by the people. A Great Protector's reign will last as long as they maintain the backing of the people. Should the people lose confidence in the Great Protector, a vote of no confidence is held in the capital. Each town sends a single representative chosen by the town to cast their vote. Due to this lengthy process, there have been very few Great Protectors in the history of the people. The current Great Protector is Luthias Araberos.

Places of History

Thel’kis - The capital city of Zahir, known as Thel’kis, is a magnificent marvel of elegant architecture made of wondrous towers and structures that blend seamlessly into the natural beauty of the land.

Anawyn - In the earliest of days the myths speak of the Elven people living within one great land that has since been lost to time. The great land was known as Anawyn and was a place of immortal beauty.

Legends of Old

Player Details

Makeup Requirements:

The player must have a gold rune on each cheek and each rune must be large enough to recognize at a distance. Light Elves must have gold hair and must wear pointed ears.


Light Elves receive 1 bonus Cleric Harvest Mana Skill for free. A Light Elf must be a Cleric to benefit from this advantage. These free spells are gained once the caster has purchased 5 Harvest Mana Skills of a particular color. This advantage caps at Silver Mana, and the bonus can only be applied 1 time per color of mana. These free harvest mana skills do not apply toward any limits in natural spell progression. Light Elves also gain a bonus 1 base damage with swords.


Reduce HP by 1 per level. Minimum of 1 HP per level