A quick summary of Orc

Orc Overview


Orcs are a honorable race of warriors that crave the thrill of battle. They enjoy being bossy, loud, outspoken, and picking fights. It is their nature to display their great strength and show all of those around them just how powerful they are. Orcs are taught the craft of war at a very young age. They learn the use of the axe and the tools of battle before they are taught how to read.

All Orcs are raised in a clan society and those clans are scattered all over the lands. Some of their clans can be found on the Eshana continent. The clans will typically establish small tribal territories and learn to trade with other surrounding clans.


Orcs are typically of average size ranging from 5 ½ to 6 ½ feet tall. They have green skin and in most cases have some sort of scars from battles fought.

Life Expectancy

Orcs tend to have a much shorter life span, typically living between 50 to 75 years. A young Orc will reach full maturity by the age of 10 years old. Most Orc warriors will die well before reaching old age. Those few who make it to a wizened age are considered the great spiritual leaders of the clan. The Spiritseers are the caretakers of the dead and council to the Clan Chief.

What are Orcs

Orcs are fierce warriors and are well known for their deep sense of honor. Orc honor stretches back through time, and defines them as a race of true warriors. If challenged in battle a Orc will not back down until a victor is declared/blood is spilled. They tend to be rather blunt, and rarely is a member of this race shy or soft-spoken. Tactfulness is not a quality known among Orcs. Although they may not mean to be disrespectful, their society and culture often make etiquette a foreign concept. All Orcs are raised in a tight knit community where each member is relied upon to ensure the survival of the clan. The young warriors are taught at a very early age to confront their fears and all are trained in the deadly use of the axe. This typically leads to most Orcs dying in battle or in some cases on the way to the battle.

Battle scars are a birthright of all Orcs and symbol of honor. The greatest warriors will take pride in their scars and display them for all to see. Another aspect to the scars is the representation of pain. The pain that Orcs experience is a gateway into their memories of battle. A reminder that all warriors must live and all warriors must die. This is a basic principle of their way of life.

Orcs can trace their lineage back through an ancient clan structure, that reaches back all the way to the rise and fall of the Torgrok Empire. Once the Empire fell, the clans unity was shattered. Each clan broke apart and scattered across Terra. The clans cultures however have not changed. The 5 known clans that are still in existence are Rockbiter, Hammerhand, Deathwind, Ironbreaker, and Stormrunner. Though other clans have risen and fallen over the ages, they all were either absorbed or conquered by the current clans.

When a female Orc is pregnant with children, she will birth a litter of 5-7 Orc-lings. Some would believe this would cause their population to explode due to the frequency and size of a birth. Due to their shorten life spans, and their adventurous lifestyles few reach their later years of life.

Places of History

Gromm Kelor - Ancient ancestral seat of the Torgrok Empire. The great imperial city disappeared over night leaving no trace but a giant lake in its place.

Legends of Old

Torgrok Empire - The first Empire to ever exist on all of Terra was founded and ruled by the great Orc race. Their influence and power reached in all directions. The fall of the Empire began with the death of their Emperor Kagosh Doomsplitter. How he fell is shrouded in mystery but this was what most historians attribute to their fall.

Ghostwolf Clan - It is rumored that one great clan existed. Within the tribal circles stories are told of the powerful Ghostwolf Clan. However, where they may have gone or if they ever actually existed is tale left for the telling circle.

Player Details

Makeup Requirements:

The player must wear green makeup on all exposed skin.


Due to their natural strength and build, all Orcs begin play with 1 Strength. The weapon of choice among all Orcs is the Axe. It is a staple weapon that is trained by everyone within the clan. This high level of proficiency grants all Orcs who wield an axe +1 to their base damage while wielding an axe of any kind.


Orcs suffer from the inability to access the powers of Reaver. This means that Orcs cannot play Reavers.