A quick summary of Ricah

Ricah Overview


The Ricah are a elementally charged race that emerged onto Terra from unknown origins. What is known of the Ricah is that they are naturally adept at harnessing the Elemental forces of Terra. Ricah vary in their walks of life; some becoming powerful warriors while others choose to dive into their study of the elements to become powerful elementalists. They are all drawn to the continent of Sundrah. Why this calling occurs is unknown to the Ricah but most will settle and chose to live their final years within those lands.

Personalities tend to vary among the Ricah but some traits do correspond to their horns. Ricah with white horns tend to be curious and investigative, with a natural talent for words. Those with a political affiliation, believe in sacrifice for a cause or belief. Those with red horns are impulsive and tend to be highly perceptive. Those who follow the political path often disdain anything that would control how someone would behave or restrict their ability to be free. Blue horned Ricah are deeply in touch with their emotions and their actions are often more prudent and carefully thought out. If they pursue politics they are more traditional and prefer tried and true systems over new ideas. Those with green horns are often serious and stalwart. Most are considered to be masterful strategists. Those involved in politics believe in self-reliance and arrive at success purely through their own actions.


Ricah typically stand between 5 and 6 feet tall. They have a pair of horns protruding from their forehead, corresponding to the color of the their naturally attuned element. Fire Ricah have red horns, Earth Ricah have green horns, Air Ricah have white horns and Water Richah have blue horns.

Life Expectancy

Ricah tend to live well over 200 years. One thing that is unique to Ricah is the requirement that all mating pairs be of the same horn type. This is the only way to successfully bare children. Most Ricah are born in pairs of both a male and female. Ricah are considered to be full grown by the age of 20 and will age similarly to humans in appearance.

What are Ricah

The capital city of Sundrah is called Elethon. This is important to understand as the culture of Elethon is a direct reflection of the Ricah beliefs and outlook on the world. All Ricah are born into a caste system that divides them based upon their horns. This means that no matter what you may want to do, you are resigned to follow in your family's footsteps. The city of Elethon is divided into districts that are each governed by the respective group of colored horns. Each sect of colored horns has a name known among the Ricah and less known to outsiders. Those of the red horn caste are known as the Fotas, the white horned caste are known as the Draseis, the green horned caste are known as the Gis, and the blue horned caste are known as the Nerous. Each caste is responsible for a district of the city and all of Elethon is ruled by the senate, which is a group of elected officials from each district of Elethon.

Firin - “District of Fire” is governed by the Fotas. This district sets at the northern point of the capital, and represents the arm of Elethon. The Fotas are responsible for the military and local law enforcement within the lands.

Aeris - “District of Air” is governed by the Draseis. Aeris district sets on the western point of the capital and represents the aggressive might of the magically adept caste. They are responsible for the schools of magic, libraries, lore and the protection of the people.

Erdok - “District of Earth” is governed by the Gis. Erdok district is set on the southern point of the capital and represents the heart of Elethon. The Gis are responsible for tactical warfare, cartography, commerce, and crops. Without the Gis, everyone would starve.

Lumos - “District of Water” is governed by the Nerous. Lumos district is set on the eastern point of the capital and represents the blood of Elethon. The Neros are responsible for the waterways, health of the people and the defenses of Elethon.

The layout of Elethon and how the castes are formed and governed is the same structure that will be found amongst any Ricah village, city or community. Even when they live among other races these principles and structures are ingrained into their very existence. Some Ricah rebel against this system and choose to venture into the world and ignore their traditions. These outcastes are known as Encah or “Not of the People”.

Places of History

Elethon - Elethon is the capital city of Sundrah and ruled by the Ricah. The city is ruled and governed by a caste system.

Sidros - The ancient capital of the Ricah. According to legend, during the great Sundering Sidros was struck by mass devastation from massive storms and earthquakes. Ultimately the great city sank into the ocean, leaving the Ricah without a place to call home.

Legends of Old

Melkor the Undying - Lore speaks of a great warrior who could never perish on the battlefield. Melkor walked as if blessed by the Gods and walked with their fury in his wake. He was later named the Undying, due to this phenomenon. The great city of Elethon once was held by undead. The city was a dark place that no one would dare venture to. Melkor lead the Ricah against these forces and claimed both Elethon and all of Sundrah for his people.

Player Details

Makeup Requirements:

The player must wear horns that are colored based on their chosen elemental affinity. Fire Ricah have red horns, Earth Ricah have green horns, Air Ricah have white horns and Water Richah have blue horns.


Elemental magic comes naturally to all Ricah. This affinity grants 1 bonus Harvest Mana Skill for free to any Ricah who chooses to walk the path of the elementalist. The bonus only applies to their chosen racial elemental affinity. This free skill is gained once the caster has purchased 5 Harvest Mana Skills of a particular color. This advantage caps at Silver Mana, and the bonus can only be applied 1 time per color of mana. These free Harvest Mana skills do not apply toward any limits in natural spell progression.


Ricah cannot receive beneficial battle magic spells from their opposing racial element. Fire cannot benefit from Water spells and vice versa. Earth cannot benefit from Air spells and vice versa.