Shadow Elf

A quick summary of Shadow Elf

Shadow Elf Overview

Shadow Elf

Shadow Elves are graceful warriors and reavers that originate from the ancient lands of Anawyn. They are naturally adept at the magical arts and share a deep interest in the deeper mysteries of magic. All shadow elves are raised from a very early age to defend themselves and trained in the basics of martial combat. Their homeland of Enkiya’dak lies to the north, near the treacherous lands known to outsiders as A’sulren. This is an unyielding land filled with treacherous mountains and twisting caverns. The capital city, Irithyl A’mal, rests within the fertile valleys within the Elder Spire mountain range.


Shadow Elves typically stand between 5 ½ and 6 ½ feet tall. They have pointed ears, black runes on their cheeks and white hair. Their eyes are colored in a silvery hue that sets their eyes apart from most.

Life Expectancy

Shadow Elves tend to live about 500 years, but this is a rare thing as most die in battle before reaching such a late age. Most Shadow Elves reach maturity around of 50 years of their life, and maintain a mystical allure, for most of their days.

What are Shadow Elves

The primary requirement for the Shadow Elf is a dedication to honor. Their laws and culture are based around this concept in very rigid and labyrinthine ways, and are largely incomprehensible
to the other races. Once their word is given, or a promise made, a Shadow Elf will stick to it to the letter. Because of this, they do not give their word lightly. Swearing upon their honor, or particularly by the honor of their family, is the most solemn of Shadow Elf oaths. This does not mean that Shadow Elves cannot lie. What is important in the consideration of honor is the intent and the result that the Shadow Elf is trying to achieve. In their opinion, there are times when lying is the honorable thing to do, considering the result that will come.

The Shadow Elf society is a Matriarchy, ruled by a council of 5 Sildoren (queens). Each Sildor rules over a region that spans a part of the lands of Enkiya’dak. The Sildoren are the highest of authority in their respective regions and rule over their territories with an iron fist. The Sildoren will always be replaced by the eldest daughter of the currently reigning Sildoren. The five rulers currently are Dezakir, Ye’syar, Naegeiros, Virphine, and Sarpeiros.

Boys and girls are chosen at a young age to either enter the military school or be sent into the farmlands. The tests are a rigorous evaluation that takes several months to complete. Once they have been assessed, then each child is sent to their respective place of education. From that point forward that child’s path is set and nothing can change this choice. It is a calling and each member of society must fulfill their destiny.

Places of Importance

Irithyl A’mal - The capital city of Irithyl A’mal rests in one of the most fertile of valleys within the Elder Spire mountain range.

Anawyn - In the earliest of days, the myths speak of the Elven people living within one great land that has since been lost to time. The great land was known as Anawyn and was a place of immortal beauty.

Legends of Old

The Cataclysm - The legends of old sing tales of the graceful Shadow Elven race. These shadowy creatures trace their history back to the days before the Great Cataclysm that broke the continents apart and boiled the great seas.

Player Details

Makeup Requirements:

The player must have a gold rune on each cheek and each rune must be large enough to recognize at a distance. Light Elves must have gold hair and must wear pointed ears.


Shadow Elves receive 1 bonus Reaver Harvest Mana Skill for free. A Shadow Elf must be a Reaver to benefit from this advantage. These free spells are gained once the caster has purchased 5 Harvest Mana Skills of a particular color. This advantage caps at Silver Mana, and the bonus can only be applied 1 time per color of mana. These free harvest mana skills do not apply toward any limits in natural spell progression. Shadow Elves also gain a bonus 1 base damage with swords.


Shadow Elves are somewhat physically frail compared to other races of Terra. As a result, Shadow Elves suffer reduced health. Their HP will be reduced by 1 per level. Minimum of 1 HP per level.