A quick summary of Shifterkin

Shifterkin Overview

Shifter Kin

Shifter Kin are considered to be more in touch with the natural world than any other race. According to their elders, Shifter Kin have walked Terra long before the Gods. Some believe that they were actually born from the very earth they walk upon, while others believe that ancient animal spirits chose the Shifters to be protectors of Terra. Regardless of their origins, all Shifter Kin have been blessed by their respective spirit and gifted with a hybrid of their form. Every night Shifter Kin will change into a form with the likeness of their totem animal. This shift is not optional but is dictated by the ending of the day and the beginning of the night.

There are four tribes of Shifter Kin that are spread throughout the lands of Terra. Each tribe has a totem animal that gives its likeness to the shifted form: Minowis Tribe (Tiger), Awasos Tribe (Bear), Alemos Tribe (Wolf), and Asban Tribe (Raccoon). Shifters know their totem spirits on an intimate level, praising them and erecting effigies in their honor. The totem spirits visit them in their dreams, revealing secrets and guiding the people. This shifting race has spawned many stories and legends throughout the years, which led to the persecution of Shifter Kin in more undignified times.


During the day the shifter kin look like normal humans that have the ears and tails of their animal counterparts. At night, during the shift, the shifter kin look like bipedal animal/human hybrids of their totem animal. The basic image that come to mind is of a werewolf, of the variation that is not a full wolf transformation.

Life Expectancy

Shifter Kin lives generally do not surpass 50 years. The constantly breaking and reforming of bones to shift from one form to another takes a large toll on the shifter-kin body. A shifter-kin warrior at the age of 40 is regarded as a rarity, since by that time, most have settled in to accept their final years. A shifter-kin who exceeds the age of 55 years old is considered a sage, and is revered amongst all the tribes, not only the one that he belongs to.

What are Shifter Kin

To this day many tribes have remained wary of society in general, and choose to live out feral lives amongst their tribesmen. Some Shifter Kin have left tribal life and adopted living with the other races in towns and cities, but they aren’t as comfortable in this setting as they are surrounded by nature with the feel of fresh earth underfoot. Due to their tribal upbringing most Shifters are suspicious of outsiders. This is a natural stance to take though some tribes are a bit more understanding than others.
Shifters are renowned for their insight and ferocious tempers. They are considered to be a strong and sagacious folk, constantly exploring the depths of wisdom that Terra and their totem has to offer. Each tribesman is aligned with their Elder and follows their governance with absolutism. Those that choose to leave the tribe are always welcomed back. It's not uncommon for young tribesman to rebel and strike out on their own. This is an understood norm among all of the Shifter Kin.

Minowis Tribe (Tiger)

The Minowis tribesman are a bit more suspicious of the outside world than others. They are considered to be less trusting and often hostile when confronted by other races. They are slow to trust and will go to great lengths to protect their secrets.

Awasos Tribe (Bear)

Perhaps the most trusting of the tribes, Awasos are well known traders among other races and can often be found near other communities. All Awasos are known to be honorable and willing to work with others for the common good.

Asban Tribe (Raccoon)

The Asban tribesman prefer to trust others through knowing their secrets and gaining others trust. Some will try to achieve this upper hand through tricks and complex rituals of friendship. Due to their guarded nature's, most Asban prefer to live alone and only operate with others when the need is mutually beneficial.

Alemos Tribe (Wolf)

Wolf Shifters are extremely intelligent and are considered to be able bodied tacticians. They are generally suspicious of outsiders but will work with them if the benefits are mutual. The Alemos Tribe puts a strong emphasis on family, tradition and tribal history. Many consider the Alemos to be the protectors of secrets for all Shifter Kin.

Places of History

Spirat Sola - A sacred pool that is hidden deep within the forests of Keshal. It’s believed that long ago the great totems drank from the sacred pool and left their wisdom within. When a tribe is in great need, they will choose a Spirit Seeker from within the tribe to seek out the pool and gain its wisdom for the tribe.

Legends of Old

Totem Born - There are legends told by the elders of the tribes of times when the shifter-kin were on the brink of destruction. These tales vary from times of war amongst the shifter-kin tribes to persecution from foreign invaders. One constant in these legends, however, is that in times of great peril a hero would appear and fight for his tribe. These heros are often depicted as larger and more ferocious fighters than their tribesmen. Some elders to as far as to say that these heros never showed their human form, so it is uncertain who they were in the outside society.

Player Details

Makeup Requirements:

At character creation, a player must select which animal totem will represent his shifted form: Bear, Wolf, Tiger, or Raccoon. These are the only animals that can be chosen and there are no variations on these species such as “white tiger” or “polar bear.” This is to keep make-up distinguishable from other races. Costuming must include key features of the animal such as ears and tails. During the day, while no shifted, the player appears human and does not wear any animal prostectics.

Makeup In Detail:


When the sun begins to set and before the moon rises, the player will go to their cabin and get into Shifted makeup. The Shifted's makeup consists only of the appropriate type of ears and tail prostectic. The time that it takes to put on your makeup is how long it takes for the transformation to take place.


Shifterkin have the ability to hide naturally and when practiced Shifterkin evade pursuite they gain +1 success marble when covering tracks. These skills are usable during the day and at night. When the sun begins to set a Shifterkin takes on their true form that closely resembles their totem animal. While shifted, their strength is enhanced, granting them a bonus 2 Strength (only while shifted).


Shifters can only take on their true form at night. Also since their claws are larger and extend beyond their natural grasp, they are unable to wield weapons while shifted. Can only use claws while shifted (cannot block with claws) - cannot buy parries or reposts