A quick summary of Sleeping

Cabin / Tent Sleeping

At Fontainebleau State Park, group camp 3, you will have the option to either sleep in a cabin or bring a tent to sleep in. There is a price difference depending on your sleeping choice which is posted on the EOA website. Those choosing to stay in a cabin will get to sleep in a bunk with a mattress but will still need to bring their own: pillows, bed linens, towels, soap products, etc. Please note that all park buildings are smoke free environments, this includes the cabins.

Tents will be set up in the designated tent areas of the site. Additionally all tent tie down lines will be marked with orange or yellow caution ribbons. As an added precaution we recommend at least 1 glow stick be tied above the entrance to your tent to prevent night time adventurers from crashing into your domicile.

Site Cleanup

Everyone must participate in site cleanup. This includes cleaning up your bunk area, sweeping out your cabin, cleaning the bathroom (toilets, sinks, mirrors, counters and floors). There are other cleanup duties that can be signed up for additionally. Those additional cleaning services will be rewarded with Echo Points. Some of the additional cleaning includes the tavern, around the campsite, and outside trash. The site should be left at least as clean as it was when you arrived. No make-up, whatsoever, should be left behind on the walls, mirror, sinks, etc. There will be penalties for not properly cleaning the cabin areas, beginning with freezing the spending of C.P.