Staff Meeting Records Log

This page is used by EOA as a storage and tracking point for all staff meetings and possible future rule changes.

December 2020 Meeting

All staff notes will be posted here for review. A week from their posting the wiki will be updated to reflect these changes. (December 5, 2020)

General Updates

Race Updates

Skill Updates

Spell Updates

High Magic

July 2019 Meeting

All staff notes will be posted here for review. A week from their posting the wiki will be updated to reflect these changes. (July 22, 2019)

General Updates

Staff Members added:

  • Plot: Adam Barnes and Andrew Beets (May add 1 more)
  • Logistics: Don Swart and Matt Johnson

Clarified that all HPs are derived from Total CP and not from Spent CP.

Adjust Innate to read as Non-Dodgeable.

Warrior HP was reduced from 5 per level to 4 per level.

To participate in EOA you must be 18+ years of age to play the game. Updated several sections of the Rulebook with incorrect informtion.

There will be a new way to both checkin and checkout at the game. This system will be rolled out in a couple of weeks.

Race Updates

After much discussion we decided to change any race that has full makeup. Our reasons for this are two fold. One we saw this as an opportunity to reduce the hardships surrounding South Louisiana heat. The second reason is to open up future opportunities to demonstrate unique race concepts.

Beetzel Makeup Changes

Original: Players are required to have heavy black geometric lines on their face and exposed skin with yellow as the base, and slicked back hair or no hair at all, to emulate a shell or carapace. Optionally brown can be used to highlight appearance.

Changed to: Yellow around the eyes with black vertical line from above the eye to below the eye. They must also wear antenna.

Gnome Changes

Original Advantage: Gnomes get a 5% discount when dealing merchants.

Changed to: Get 1 random tier 1 component per game

Light Elf Makeup Changes

Original: Base white, gold around the eyes with optional gold hair color.

Changed to: Gold rune on each cheek, elf ears and gold hair.

Nathair Makeup Changes

Original: White on all exposed skin, green stocking scales on forehead and around eye area. Black tear drop eye sockets with the point following the inside of the eye to the nose. Blacked out nostril area underneath the nose. Thin black line from cheeks across lips to look like wide mouth. Horizontal sectional lines going down throat like snake underbelly.

Changed to: Black eye makeup and 3 patches of green scales on the face.

Orc Race Removed

Orc was the hardest race to make a decision on. We ultimiately decided that we would remove the race and created a new race with the same back story. We could not imagine Orc not being a full body green makeup race.

Makeup: Green on all exposed skin
Advantages: +1 Strength and +1 Damage when weilding Axes
Disadvantage: Cannot be Reavers

Kessic (Replaces Orc)
Makeup: Red hair and a black facial stripe across the face that covers both eyes
Advantage: +1 success marble when tracking and +1 damage when wielding an Axe.
Dissadvantage: The player may defend themselves but are compelled to stop and search each dead monster.

Shadow Elf Makeup Changes

Original: Base black, silver around the eyes with optional white/silver hair color.

Changed to: Black rune on each cheek, elf ears and white hair.

Shifterkin Makeup Changes

Original: Ears and Tail during the day and full body makeup with ears and tail at night.

Changed to:

  • Day-Time: Looks like humans no makeup
  • Night-Time: Ears and Tail prostectic only.

Skill Updates

We did not make a lot of changes to skills. Any changes or updates will be listed here.

Summon power

Cost: 5

This skill allows a Reaver to strengthen any shadow spell they can throw causing it to do x1.5 damage rounded down. To use this skill the player must say, "Summoning Power One, Summoning Power Two, Summoning Power Three!" after this count the Reaver must say the verbal as normal and throw the spell, and then call new damage. This can only be used with reaver battle magic spells. It does not apply to Adapt.

Change: Caster cannot run while using the Summon Power Skill.

Add to Skills:

Masterful Summon Powwer for 10 cp you can now run while using the Summon Power skill.

Detect Affinity

Cost: 2

This can be used once per day per purchase. Target creature can be “sensed” for magic capabilities. This ability allows a elementalist to detect what type of magic a person or creature can cast and how powerful that magic is. This skill takes 10 minutes of concentration.

Change: Changed the time that it takes to use this skill to 2 minutes of concentration.

Sleight of Hand

Cost: 5

This skill allows the character to receive 1 piece of loot from a Module or Field Battle before anyone get a chance to see the loot table. The player pulls the tag and discreetly notifies the plot member before the end of the MOD. This gives him a blind pull or item from the list before loot is distributed to the party.

Change: Can only be used 1 time per reset. This skill can only be purchased 1 time.

Comprehend Text

Cost: 3

The elemental caster can read one page of text that is written in any language. This skill may be used one time per day. In other words if you bought it three times you could read three pages a day. It takes ten minutes to read one page.

Change: This skill can be purchased up to 10 times.


Cost: 5:

This skill allows the scoundrel to move out of the way of any one attack. This may only be done if the attack comes from where you can see it, not from behind, and you may not jump into an attack to protect another and then call dodge. If it is spell or packet delivered attack then the skill is lost for the day as well as the spell or attack. This skill may only be purchased once per two precisions.
Innate’s cannot be dodged

Change: The dodge skill cannot be used on Innates.

Style, Two-Handed Weapon

Cost: 10

This skill allows you to maximize the potential of the two handed weapon. You now call 2 damage with each prof, when wielding a two handed weapon.

Change: Clarified that this skill only doubles Profs not anything else.

Spell Updates

A rules call that was made previously on random occasions was regarding when do spells terminate. All spells terminate when the duration has expired or if they are coutered or removed by another effect. Spells do not end based on caster or target being reduced to bleeding or dissipation. Spells, once active, last for the duration specified by the spell description.

Warrior Runes

Cost: 4

Fixes most non-high magic problems with a living body. This includes status effects and confining effects. To use this rune, the warrior will state "activating rune of restoration."

Duration: Once activated the rune takes effect instantly.

Change: This is now a spell strike Restoration.

Cleric Spell Changes:

The even numbered healing spells were not effective spells once we changed to a mana based system. Those spells have been removed and replaced with new spells.


  • 10 Healing (P) - This spell instantly heals the target for 10 hit points. V: I call upon Light, to mend wounds 10 Healing!

Replaced with:

2nd Level
Bravery Ward (S) - A protective ward against fear. This enchantment can only be placed on the caster. The caster may flash the next fear attack that would otherwise effect them. [Self-Only]
V: With Light I gift Bravery Ward!

4th Level
Recovery Matrix (S) - If the caster is effected with any effect that a restore could fix. After 30 seconds of being effected the "Restore" spell will activate, returning the caster to his natural condition. Caster must cast a recovery matrix and then cast a restore spell into it for the matrix to take effect. [Self-Only]
V: With light, I gift Recovery Matrix!

6th Level
Bond of Light (P) - When cast on a player. All healing spells are doubled on the buffed target for 10 minutes. This includes healing spells from any source, not just the caster. Multiples do not stack therefore you would only receive double.
V: With light, I gift you Bond of Light!

8th Level
Radiant Light (S) - The caster plants their feet and cannot move. If they should move for any reason the spell ends.. For the next 10 minutes all healing spells are doubled. [Self-Only]
V: With Light I gift Radiant Light!

Reaver Spell Changes:

The even numbered damage spells were not effective spells once we changed to a mana based system. Those spells have been removed and replaced with new spells.


10 Shadow (P) - This damaging spell, inflicts 10 Shadow damage. V: I call forth a Shadow Strike, 10 Shadow!

Replaced with:

2nd Level
Charm Ward (S) - A protective ward against charm effects. This enchantment can be placed on any willing target. [Self-Only]
V: With Shadow I gift Charm Ward!

4th Level
Shadow Shield (S) - This spell grants a protection to the Reaver that can flash 1 damaging physical strike of 20 damage or less. The Reaver may only have 1 Shadow Shield active at a time. [Self-Only]
V: With Shadow, I gift "Shadow Shield"!

6th Level
Bond of Shadow (S) - When cast on the Reaver. All mending is doubled for 1 hour. [Self-Only]
V: With Shadow, I gift "Bond of Shadow"!

8th Level
Shadow Meld (S) - Allows the caster to retreat into the essence of shadow magic, leaving behind a shadow form of himself that is visible to all. The caster puts oen hand in the air and stands firmly in place, the caster may not move from this spot. The Reaver can see and can hear everything going on, and is immune to all effects while in the space. May stay in this state for up to ten minutes, or until the caster comes out on a "Melding out of shadow 3 count. While melded the Reaver may still cast the mend spell on themselves. This effect can be removed by the Purge spell. [Self-Only]
V: I call upon Shadow, to cast Shadow Meld!

High Magic

High Magic in EOA is a system of powerful magic that can be accessed once a character has acheived the apex of their class. Each class has their own unique flavor of magic but that only represents one part of the total High Magic System. More details for how this works will be available on the High Magic section of the wiki.

Tier 1 High Magic inludes your class and your school of choice. Once you have advanced your class and school high magic to their maximum level you will then gain access to Tier 2 high magic. Each school has two options / paths and you may choose 1 to advance into.

New Skills

Class High Magic (Rank 1 - 3) 4cp Each (12 total)
Tier 1 High Magic (Rank 1 - 3) 4cp Each (12 Total)
Tier 2 High Magic (Rank 1 - 3) 4cp Each (12 Total)

Class Theory has been adjusted from 3cp to 4 cp.

If you have maxed out your Ranks of High Magic along with your Theory. That will mean that you have spent a total of 40cp to access all of your High Magic.

Additional High Magic Skills have been added. These skills are specifically there to modify your high magic results. Each skill unless stated otherwise can only be used 1 time per reset and no more than 1 skill can be applied to a ritual.

High Magic casting utilizes the standard challenge system for determining success or failure.