Status Effects And Tag Lines

EOA has 18 different conditions which can be applied to a character by various means.

Game Effects

EOA effects can only be to a character in a state of living; status effects cannot be applied to a dissipating character. All conditions remain active until removed, unless stated otherwise.

Status Effects

No condition can stack with itself, which means that if you are hit with the same effect twice it does not double the duration or reset durations. You will remain under the effect of the original status effect. All conditions may be removed by the Cleric Restore spell, unless explicitly stated otherwise. Some effects can be removed by other spells, which is noted in the various spell or effect.

Effect Duration Description
Anger 1 Minute Causes target to hear a stream of taunts from the caster. The target then attacks the caster immediately and mindlessly in an attempt to kill. The target will want to kill the target more than anyone, but will defend itself from others, and will attempt to kill anyone who gets in its way.
Berserk 10 Minutes Causes target to go berserk and attack everything in sight, closest target first. You begin attacking with your strongest magic or physical (your preference) attacks, (high magic based attacks need not be used) and work your way down to your smallest physical/magic attacks.
Charm 5 Minutes This spell causes the target to become friends with the caster. This lasts for 10 minutes. While under the effects of this spell the target will do whatever the caster says, with the exception of the character taking his, own life.
Confusion 1 Minute Target is unable to attack the caster, but can still defend himself and attack all others around the caster. The spell is broken if the caster attacks the confused target.
Constrain Varied Holds the target immobilized by the casters force of will. Caster must hold one of their hands out, palm out and opened, and cannot move, speak, or cast (take no action) while they willfully force target to remain motionless.
Disease 1 Minutes Target is afflicted with Disease They can not run or use any strength feat or meet any strength requirement.
Fear 1 Minute The target must run from line of sight of the caster for 1 minutes.
Hamstring 1 Minute Target cannot run while under the effects of hamstring
Life Drain 5 Minutes Target is afflicted is life drained. They may only crawl, cannot be death blown, cannot use skills or magic.
Paralyze 10 Minutes The target can not speak or move for 10 min.
Poison 5 Minutes Causes the target to be poisoned on contact. This lasts for 10 minutes or until healed. At the end of the 10 minutes the target drops to dissipation
Silence 1 Minute Target is unable to speak or cast spells for X where X is a minute of time.
Sleep 10 Minutes Target falls into a deep sleep for 10 minutes or until awoken by a shaking 20 count. Example: shaking 1, shaking 2, etc...
Slow 5 Minutes This spell causes the target’s body to react slower. While under the effects of slow a target will call (“10 Slow Normal Damage, Slow I call upon the ect…”) A Slowed target cannot run.
Stun Varied by level The target cannot do anything but stand dazed until the X count is over. X is based on the power of the effect(“Stunned 1, Stunned 2, Stunned 3”)
Terror 10 Minutes The target of a Terror effect is overwhelmed by fear and confusion. These emotions are so intense that the character will attempt to flee the area and break Line of Sight, then fall down and curl up with fear. The character is unable to make any conscious decisions, including activating magic items or using skills. For all intents and purposes, they are helpless.

Confining Effects

Similar to statuses, confining is another way to hinder a target through restricting movement in some way. There are 5 confining effects in EOA that can affect a target. Most confining effects can be broken with enough strength. If you have equal or more strength value to break confining it can be done by shouting “BREAK!”. Much like a status effect, confining will only remain on the target while they are alive. Once a target has been dropped to dissipating all confining effects end. No confining effect can stack with itself. This means that if you are hit with the same effect twice it does not double the duration, increase the strength needed to break or reset durations. There are some spells that can be used to remove confining such as the Fire Elementalist spell Purge, or the Earth Elementalist spell Extraction.

Effect Duration Strength to Break Description
Bind 1 Minutes 2 Target may still fight and move his torso, but cannot move his feet.
Exile 5 Minutes N/A Target’s consciousness is suspended in a shadowed reflection from the body. The body is then immobile and in a trance like state. The target may be given a death blow, but the spirit will see and hear everything and, if resurrects, will automatically remember what happened during the time when they were displaced.
Ensnare 5 Minutes 4 Target is held by the earth, may not move, fight, or cast spells, but may still speak.
Earthen Prison 10 Minutes 8 Target is held by the earth, may not move, fight, or cast spells or speak. If left inside of this effect for the full 10 minutes, player drops to dissipation.
Shackle 1 Minute 8 Bind the arms of the target, pinning them to their sides.

Unique Effects

Unique effects in EOA are mostly non-standard effects that do not fit the mold of either status or confining. Each effect in this category is unique and follows slightly different rules.

Effect Duration Description
Pain 10 Minutes Take double damage from all sources. This effect cannot stack or be added to.
Slow Soul N/A Increase dissipation count by 1 minute
Speed Soul N/A Reduce dissipation count by 1 minute
Strands of Seaweed 10 Minutes Caster creates a vine that can be formed into a rope-like structure. Can be used for anything rope would be used for (binding hands and feet, climbing, etc.). Makes approximately 30 feet of rope - enough to bind the hands and feet of 5 normally-sized creatures. It takes 2 strength to break.
Threshold N/A A monster with a threshold is immune to any weapon attacks that are equal to or less than its threshold number. If the monster is hit for body damage, it will call “No effect” to all weapon attacks that do damage equal to its threshold or less. Basically threshold is if you take damage that is equal to or less than that amount it is a No Effect. If its greater than the threshold you take the full amount.
Weakness 10 Minutes Target calls X less weapon damage