![Eoalogors 8](/uploads/siteimage/eoalogors-8.png "Eoalogors 8") <!-- Echoes of Athus--> <!-- Live Action RolePlaying --> # Welcome! Welcome to Echoes of Athus (EOA)! A new LARP that is based out of Southern Louisiana and headed by a diverse team, with over 100 years of collective LARPing experience. We are a medieval fantasy LARP with many flavors and game styles involving various eras of cultural concepts. In LARP (Live Action Role-playing), you become the character of your fantasies, act out the action, solve the mysteries, and defeat adversaries with wit, intelligence, and/or sword & magic. At EOA events you will use skills that your character has earned, as well as, the skills that you as the player possess. EOA takes place in a fantasy period that is reminiscent of medieval times. This means that a wide range of clothing and attire exists - ranging from King Arthur, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Galavant, and Renaissance Fairs. Additionally this is a fantasy LARP, so a variety of makeup and prosthetic races are at your fingertips. So, grab up your favorite weapon (boffer weapon) and join the campaign. You will find yourself immersed in a world of good, evil, and somewhere in between. ## The EOA System - [Rulebook](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/rulebook) - [Races](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/races) - [Classes](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/classes) - [Skills](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/skills) - [Magic System](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/magic-system) - [Crafting System](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/crafting-system) ## Important Player Links - [Combat Rules](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/combat-rules) - [Status Effects and Tag Lines](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/status-effects-and-tag-lines) - [Game Mechanics](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/game-mechanics) (Looting, Death and Ressurection) - [Armor System](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/armor) - [Legal Release Forms](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/legal) - [Spending Echo Points](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/echo-points) ## Event Information - [Check-In](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/check-in) - [Event Dates and Locations](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/event-locations) - [Cabin / Tent Sleeping](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/sleeping) - [Game Service Requirements](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/game-service) - [Backpays](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/backpays) ## The World of Terra - [Opening Campaign](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/opening-campaign) - [Geography of Terra](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/geography) - [Gods and Faiths](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/gods-and-faiths) - [World Lore](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/lore) ## Creative Corner - Costuming - [Weapon Construction Guide](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/weapon-construction) ## News and Updates - [Staff Meeting Release Notes](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/staff-meeting)