<!-- TITLE: World Lore --> <!-- SUBTITLE: Fragments of Lore left to the ages. --> # Lore Across the Ages ## Season of Frost (Winter Event) It's said that long ago the great will of the world wished to better understand those who dwelled upon its land. To better understand them, the dual spirits were created. Their purpose was to walk among the people for a period of time, understand them and share in their knowledge. The dual spirits were named Baelus and Drakul. Every year as the Winter turned upon the lands the dual spirits would arise to observe and to understand the inhaitants of the lands. Each spirit has their own way of understanding one through difficult challenges and mischief. While the other has been known to find the good and honor in others through acts of courage and bravery. ### Festival of Masks Men and women alike grew to fear the harsh judements that often appear during Winter. After all it is during these times when life is hardest that we tend to given in to our darker sides. The Festival of Masks is a celebration of that ability to let loose and be yourself. Those who are timid hide behind masks but can let go of their primal side. ## Season of Remembrance (Summer Event) A time honored tradition of remembering of heroes, ancestors and dieties for who they are. ### Festival of Restoration The Festival of Restoration surrounds the ancient tradition of remembering those what we have lost and gaining renewal through airing of greviances. ## Journals of Alucious Felmoore Whom is Alucious Felmoore? He is none other than the most famous author and warrior poet to live across the ages. Truly he is a amazing sight to behold in all of his gnomish radiance, few can compare to his deeds that he has documented so accurately. ### August 2018 What does it mean to be an adventurer? This is the very topic that Alucious Felmoore contemplated aboard the Sea Strider, as the lead vessel made way for the shores of Evenor. As the weather quickly changed and the storm plunged the ship toward the shore line, his thoughts shifted from adventure to survival. With reflexes honed from years of travel, the wizened gnome quickly gathered his supplies and prepared for the worst. When the waters came crashing in, he daringly plunged into the murky waters, entrusting in his instincts. His gamble paid off as Alucious made it to the shore with his pack and gear intact. The sight he beheld was one of great horror and sorrow. All along the shore line were the remains of the great fleet and those few survivors washed upon the shore. Lobstrosities picked along the beach, assaulting the exhausted survivors. In order to preserve the story Alucious, the noble hero, made way for the wood line to ensure that no other enemies awaited the survivors. He was confident that adventurers could handle the lobster like creatures crawling along the shoreline. With those noble intentions in mind, the proud gnome began his silent journey through the interior. He was happy to find others of a like mind had struck out on the same trek. In a wake of corpses and a confusing pile of bodies, Alucious followed the makeshift band of adventurers. Though the journey appeared to be long, the noble gnome wished to ensure their safety by following at a distance. Alucious’s warrior eyes scanned the marsh and his nimble steps ensured not a sound was made. Strange encounters seemed to find the adventurers as they stayed on the cobbled path, to include an odd tear in the sky, from which ugly creatures made of fire emerged. They made short work of these things and pressed on to the ruins of a village not far in the distance. The village was alight with torches along the fringes and the tavern appeared to be quite lively. What would be found out later was that the inhabitants were cannibals, of all things. Pirates, by all appearances, had lost their minds and decided to ignore the beautiful provisions of the island and instead feast on the flesh of man. Truly one of the strangest of acts for any person to take part in, especially when food was present for the taking. Whatever possessed these men to eat at one another, could be something about this island. A ponder best left for another time I suppose. Once the cannibals were dispatched, the warriors came across an armored man, who appeared to be both chained and drunk to boot. That is a story for another time. What everyone reading should know is that I was indeed safe and later found others to help fortify the town. It was due to my expert direction that Commander Erwin Lorandis of the First File of Kath was able to locate the village. With the Commander’s wisdom and guidance the gathered adventurers were able to lay claim to the village and begin to forge a stronghold within.