<!-- Title: Playable Races --> # Barbarian ![Barbarian](/uploads/races/barbarian.png) Barbarians come from nomadic tribes and are not accustomed to “civilized” society. They are mighty warriors who rely on their strength and their connection with the land. All barbarians are characterized by a bestial rage that is empowered by ancestral spirits, many which possess an inner passion for violence. Most outsider assumptions are correct, however there is much more to being a barbarian than violence. They are an extremely noble people that take great pride in individual accomplishments and acts of strength. Most will define this strength through physical actions, but the power of the elements is respected by all. **Makeup Requirements:** Barbarians must wear blue woad (makeup) on 50% of all exposed skin. This can be done through markings, symbols or portions covered as needed. **Advantages:** Empowered by their ancestors, Barbarians have a strength about them that can be tapped into when provoked to battle. Their frenzy ability, which grants them 2 Additional Strength in combat, becomes active when anger and/or berserk is cast on them. Frenzy is a controlled rage that is directed towards any active enemy combatants. Frenzy lasts for 10 minutes or until the end of combat. Due to their intimate connection to the land, all Barbarians are able to find their way and thus have the Know Direction skill. **Disadvantages:** True to their warrior beliefs, Barbarians cannot run from combat. Combat is defined as any enemy creature that is currently actively engaged with you. [Detailed Race Profile: Barbarian](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/races/barbarian) # Beetzel <img src="/uploads/races/beetzel.jpg" width="200" height="300"/> To races unfamiliar with the insect like Beetzel, their appearance can be unsettling. They are often mistaken for monsters, and sometimes accidentally fall into that misconception because of their beliefs and mentality. When not feared as monsters, Beetzels are very capable warriors and loyal companions. It’s unclear when Beetzels surfaced into the world, however they have become a part of many societies across Terra. They are renowned traders providing exotic foods and materials from beneath the ground. There has been a known connection between the Beetzels and Gnomes for a long time. This is likely due to Gnomes’ unique understanding of trade and access to various markets. **Makeup Requirements:** Players are required to have yellow makeup around the eyes with a single black vertical line from above the eye to below each eye. They must also wear antenna. **Advantages:** Due to their innate affinity for the underground, Beetzels are naturally able to navigate underground and thus are gifted with Subterranean Direction. Beetzels are an extremely resilient race which is why they naturally gain the Rugged skill. They may purchase one more additional Rugged skill than normal as a Racial Ability. This means that a Beetzel may start with up to 2 Rugged Skills. If they are of the Warrior Class, they may purchase more per the skill requirements. (1) Racial Free, (1) Racial Purchased **Disadvantages:** Beetzels are easily persuaded and like to follow orders. Due to their weak willed nature, Beetzels take Charm effects twice (i.e. requires 2 resists). [Detailed Race Profile: Beetzel](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/races/beetzel) # Dwarf ![Dwarf](/uploads/races/dwarf.jpg "Dwarf") Dwarves are one of the shorter race of Terra, but what they lack in height they make up for in bulk and tenacity. Their powerful stature makes them quite the formidable opponent on the battlefield or in a tavern brawl. Whether they are mining deep underground or in the thick of combat, dwarves are easily recognizable. Male dwarves all have beards of which they are fiercely proud, while female dwarves prefer long intricate braids of hair. Typically most dwarves can be found living beneath massive mountain ranges, nestled in their underground halls. Their ability to mine, refine, and craft contributes to their natural attraction to the vast depths below. Dwarves are not only widely known for their ability to craft, but also as ferocious fighters with a natural talent when wielding a hammer. Most dwarven warriors are seen brandishing elaborate hammers into battle or intensely manning the forge in times of peace. **Makeup Requirements:** Dwarven makeup varies depending on if you are a male or female. All male dwarf characters must wear a full fake (or real if one is dedicated enough) beard of at least six inches and female characters must wear at least two decorative hair braids. **Advantages:** All dwarves are raised from the time of childhood to be able to swing a hammer. This is a skill that has been honed both through the forge and in battle. All dwarves start with 1 additional success marble when performing a smithing challenge, and any hammer wielded by a Dwarf, in combat, adds +1 to base damage. **Disadvantages:** Dwarves’ short stature prevents them from being able to wield two handed weapons of any kind, this includes spears. Their powerful metabolism works against them as well. Dwarves affected by Poison will perish faster than other races. The duration of poison takes only 5 minutes to kill a Dwarf. [Detailed Race Profile: Dwarf](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/races/dwarf) # Gnome ![Gnome](/uploads/races/gnome.jpg "Gnome") Gnomes are one of the smaller races of Terra that have green hair and a natural gift for gab. They are adept at trade and possess a keen eye for the worth of things. Gnomes are most often found near large cities or ports with a natural attraction to trade districts. Gnomish society is extremely intricate, filled with extensive verbal debates and complex games designed to unearth secrets. Gnomes will always project mirthfulness, appearing to be friendly to lower another's guard. Sometimes this light-hearted attitude is genuine but other times it is a facade to lull people into a false sense of security, so that they might reveal secrets that would benefit the Gnome. Gnomes are extremely social towards their own kind and will often form neighborhoods within cities they inhabit, both for companionship and for mutual protection. The communities are often set up to act much like a merchant district or baazar. Each Gnome typically taking on the duties of a specific trade to assist the community. Most Gnomes tend to be greedy, measuring their position by their wealth and reveling in the power and pleasures that it brings. Others will apply their influence in less obvious ways preferring to work in the shadows, while some Gnomes simply enjoy being the best at their respective trade. The majority of the gnomish race hails from the island of Enomera. **Makeup Requirements:** The player must have green hair. This can either be achieved by hair spray or by wearing a wig. **Advantages:** All Gnomes are known for thrifty ability to craft a deal. Due to their adept deal making skills,all Gnomes get 1 random tier 1 crafting compoment per game. Additionally, they are well known for their fast hands and deft fingers when counting coins. Their quick hands grant Gnomes a minus two search count which can stack with the Quick Search skill. Gnomes have When Tinkering, Gnomes gain 1 additional success marble. **Disadvantages:** Gnomish size, along with small hands, certainly has its disadvantages. Their short stature prevents them from being able to wield two handed weapons of any kind, this includes spears. Gnomes are also known for their lithe physical frame. Since they have smaller bodies, Gnomes cannot buy the Rugged or Fortitude skill. [Detailed Race Profile: Gnome](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/races/gnome) # Human ![Human](/uploads/races/human.png "Human") Humans can be found throughout all of Terra. They are fond of community and typically form large societies that will attempt to enfold all other races of Terra. Though shorter lived than most races humans alway seem to find away to rise to the pinnacles of power. This has resulted in massive kingdoms and in some cases ancient empires whispered through the ages. **Makeup Requirements:** No makeup requirements exist for humans. **Advantages:** Humans do not have any special advantages. **Disadvantages:** Humans do not have any special disadvantages. [Detailed Race Profile: Human](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/races/human) # Kessic <img src="/uploads/races/kessic-image.jpg" width="150" height="200"/> Kessic are a honorable race of warriors that crave the thrill of battle. They enjoy being bossy, loud, outspoken, and picking fights. It is their nature to display their great strength and show all of those around them just how powerful they are. Kessic are taught the craft of war at a very young age. They learn the use of the axe and the tools of battle before they are taught how to read. **Makeup Requirements:** Red hair and a black facial stripe across the face that covers both eyes. **Advantages:** Due to their natural sense of the land, all Kessics start with 1 bonus success marble when tracking. The weapon of choice among all Kessic is the Axe. It is a staple weapon that is trained by everyone within the clan. This high level of proficiency grants all Kessics who wield an axe +1 to their base damage while wielding an axe of any kind. **Disadvantages:** Kessic are drawn to stuff and tend to be hoarders. Due to their nature Kessic are compelled to stop and search each dead monster. They will always defend their own lives but the need to loot is 1 step below survival. [Detailed Race Profile: Kessic](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/races/kessic) # Light Elf ![Light Elf](/uploads/races/lightElf.png "Light Elf") Light Elves are stalwart protectors and clerics that originate from the ancients lands of Anawyn. They are naturally adept at the magical arts and share a deep interest in the mysteries of magic. Light Elves are a very family oriented race that tend to establish strong bonds. These principles drive the entire race to live in large communities, with massive family ties. Nearly all Light Elf communities can be found in the lands of Zahir. Zahir is a beautiful grassland filled with a variety of life. From an early age Light Elves learn to run the plains and survive its many hidden dangers. Their training is passed down within the families, from the art of swordplay to the deeper workings of clerical magics. The capital city of Thel’kis is located near the center of Zahir. The view from the great spire is said to stretch all the way to the sea. **Makeup Requirements:** The player must have a gold rune on each cheek and each rune must be large enough to recognize at a distance. Light Elves must have gold hair and must wear pointed ears. **Advantages:** Light Elves receive 1 bonus Cleric Harvest Mana Skill for free. A Light Elf must be a Cleric to benefit from this advantage. These free spells are gained once the caster has purchased 5 Harvest Mana Skills of a particular color. This advantage caps at Silver Mana, and the bonus can only be applied 1 time per color of mana. These free harvest mana skills do not apply toward any limits in natural spell progression. Light Elves also gain a bonus 1 base damage with swords. **Disadvantages:** Reduce HP by 1 per level. Minimum of 1 HP per level [Detailed Race Profile: Light Elf](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/races/lightelf) # Nathair ![Nathair](/uploads/races/nathair.png "Nathair") Nathair are a suspicious race of snake-like humanoids that live within the seclusion of the Mezok Jungles. Their very nature is extremely complex, and seldom shared with non-scaled folk. Most Nathair have societies run by a plutocracy, while others are driven by loosely tethered social bonds and near animalistic impulses. Regardless, their fearful and xenophobic nature results in rare contact with outsiders. By their very nature, trust is hard for a Nathir to obtain and equally hard for them to give. As cold-blooded creatures it should be no surprise that they’re often found in warm locations. Nathair do not covet nor care about things such as honor or remorse. The only thing that a Nathair truly respects is power, no matter how it is attained. **Makeup Requirements:** Black tear drop eye sockets with the point following the inside of the eye to the nose. The Nathair must also have 3 patches of green scales on the face. Preferably a patch on each cheek and one on the forehead. -Optional- Players may elect to wear fangs and contacts that suit this race if they wish, but these additions are purely optional. **Advantages:** Nathair can escape any confining spell on a thirty count. They can also produce a venom that can be applied to a blade that allows the player to call the “poison” tag line for one swing. These poison coatings last until reset. They can be purchased every 5 levels for 2 c.p. **Disadvantages:** Ice spells/damage cause the "slow" status effect for 5 minutes. [Detailed Race Profile: Nathair](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/races/nathair) # Ricah ![Ricah](/uploads/races/ricah.png "Ricah") The Ricah are a elementally charged race that emerged onto Terra from unknown origins. What is known of the Ricah is that they are naturally adept at harnessing the Elemental forces of Terra. Ricah vary in their walks of life; some becoming powerful warriors while others choose to dive into their study of the elements to become powerful elementalists. They are all drawn to the continent of Sundrah. Why this calling occurs is unknown to the Ricah but most will settle and chose to live their final years within those lands. Personalities tend to vary among the Ricah but some traits do correspond to their horns. Ricah with white horns tend to be curious and investigative, with a natural talent for words. Those with a political affiliation, believe in sacrifice for a cause or belief. Those with red horns are impulsive and tend to be highly perceptive. Those who follow the political path often disdain anything that would control how someone would behave or restrict their ability to be free. Blue horned Ricah are deeply in touch with their emotions and their actions are often more prudent and carefully thought out. If they pursue politics they are more traditional and prefer tried and true systems over new ideas. Those with green horns are often serious and stalwart. Most are considered to be masterful strategists. Those involved in politics believe in self-reliance and arrive at success purely through their own actions. **Makeup Requirements:** The player must wear horns that are colored based on their chosen elemental affinity. Fire Ricah have red horns, Earth Ricah have green horns, Air Ricah have white horns and Water Richah have blue horns. **Advantages:** Elemental magic comes naturally to all Ricah. This affinity grants 1 bonus Harvest Mana Skill for free to any Ricah who chooses to walk the path of the elementalist. The bonus only applies to their chosen racial elemental affinity. This free skill is gained once the caster has purchased 5 Harvest Mana Skills of a particular color. This advantage caps at Silver Mana, and the bonus can only be applied 1 time per color of mana. These free Harvest Mana skills do not apply toward any limits in natural spell progression. **Disadvantages:** Ricah cannot receive beneficial battle magic spells from their opposing racial element. Fire cannot benefit from Water spells and vice versa. Earth cannot benefit from Air spells and vice versa. [Detailed Race Profile: Ricah](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/races/ricah) # Shadow Elf ![Shadow Elf](/uploads/races/shadowElf.png "Shadow Elf") Shadow Elves are graceful warriors and reavers that originate from the ancient lands of Anawyn. They are naturally adept at the magical arts and share a deep interest in the deeper mysteries of magic. All shadow elves are raised from a very early age to defend themselves and trained in the basics of martial combat. Their homeland of Enkiya’dak lies to the north, near the treacherous lands known to outsiders as A’sulren. This is an unyielding land filled with treacherous mountains and twisting caverns. The capital city, Irithyl A’mal, rests within the fertile valleys within the Elder Spire mountain range. **Makeup Requirements:** The player must have a black rune on each cheek and each rune must be large enough to recognize at a distance. . Shadow Elves must have white hair and must wear pointed ears. **Advantages:** Shadow Elves receive 1 bonus Reaver Harvest Mana Skill for free. A Shadow Elf must be a Reaver to benefit from this advantage. These free spells are gained once the caster has purchased 5 Harvest Mana Skills of a particular color. This advantage caps at Silver Mana, and the bonus can only be applied 1 time per color of mana. These free harvest mana skills do not apply toward any limits in natural spell progression. Shadow Elves also gain a bonus 1 base damage with swords. **Disadvantages:** Shadow Elves are somewhat physically frail compared to other races of Terra. As a result, Shadow Elves suffer reduced health. Their HP will be reduced by 1 per level. Minimum of 1 HP per level. [Detailed Race Profile: Shadow Elf](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/races/shadowelf) # Shifterkin ![Shifter Kin](/uploads/races/shifterKin.png "Shifter Kin") Shifter Kin are considered to be more in touch with the natural world than any other race. According to their elders, Shifter Kin have walked Terra long before the Gods. Some believe that they were actually born from the very earth they walk upon, while others believe that ancient animal spirits chose the Shifters to be protectors of Terra. Regardless of their origins, all Shifter Kin have been blessed by their respective spirit and gifted with a hybrid of their form. Every night Shifter Kin will change into a form with the likeness of their totem animal. This shift is not optional but is dictated by the ending of the day and the beginning of the night. There are four tribes of Shifter Kin that are spread throughout the lands of Terra. Each tribe has a totem animal that gives its likeness to the shifted form: Minowis Tribe (Tiger), Awasos Tribe (Bear), Alemos Tribe (Wolf), and Asban Tribe (Raccoon). Shifters know their totem spirits on an intimate level, praising them and erecting effigies in their honor. The totem spirits visit them in their dreams, revealing secrets and guiding the people. This shifting race has spawned many stories and legends throughout the years, which led to the persecution of Shifter Kin in more undignified times. **Makeup Requirements:** At character creation, a player must select which animal totem will represent his shifted form: Bear, Wolf, Tiger, or Raccoon. These are the only animals that can be chosen and there are no variations on these species such as “white tiger” or “polar bear.” This is to keep make-up distinguishable from other races. Costuming must include key features of the animal such as ears and tails. During the day, while no shifted, the player appears human and does not wear any animal prostectics. -Note- When the sun begins to set and before the moon rises, the player will go to their cabin and get into Shifted makeup. The Shifted's makeup consists only of the appropriate type of ears and tail prostectic. The time that it takes to put on your makeup is how long it takes for the transformation to take place. **Advantages:** Shifterkin have the ability to hide naturally and when practiced Shifterkin evade pursuite they gain +1 success marble when covering tracks. These skills are usable during the day and at night. When the sun begins to set a Shifterkin takes on their true form that closely resembles their totem animal. While shifted, their strength is enhanced, granting them a bonus 2 Strength (only while shifted). **Disadvantages:** Shifters can only take on their true form at night. Also since their claws are larger and extend beyond their natural grasp, they are unable to wield weapons while shifted. Can only use claws while shifted (cannot block with claws) - cannot buy parries or reposts [Detailed Race Profile: Shifterkin](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/races/Shifterkin) # Sprite ![Sprite](/uploads/races/sprite.png "Sprite") The secrets and mysteries of the forests of Terra are quite abundant. Within the deepest reaches of the forest, shrouded in mystery, you will find Sprites. They are the protectors of nature and defenders of Terra’s beauty. Sprites are a very reclusive group and tend to stick with their own. In times of peace Sprites are known to wear bright colors and tend to exude happiness and cheer. When times of conflict come upon a Sprite, they will don darker attire more befitting to battle and their very demeanor will shift to that of a warrior. Sprites rarely venture beyond their wooded homes, but those that do will never speak of their homeland. This is for fear of discovery and reprisal. **Makeup Requirements:** They have wings coming out of their backs that are typically in designs ranging from butterfly like to dragonfly like in appearance. Their eyes are always adorned in various shades of colors and markings. **Advantages:** One of the gifts bestowed upon Sprites from the Great Mother was the ability to become one with trees. This ability is known as Tree Meld. Tree Meld allows the caster to meld into a tree on a "Melding" 3 count, the caster puts his hands on his head as if out of play and faces the tree. The Sprite cannot see anything, but can hear everything going on, and is immune to all effects while in the space. May stay in the tree for up to one hour, or until the sprite comes out on a "Melding out of tree" 3 count. Due to their smaller stature and supernatural reflexes, it is very difficult to strike a Sprite. These quick reflexes grant them all the natural ability to Dodge. Though it is mostly a roleplay mechanic, a Sprite will never become lost when traveling through the forest. **Disadvantages:** Due to their small stature, sprites cannot wield two-handed weapons of any kind, this includes spears. They also cannot buy the strength skill. [Detailed Race Profile: Sprite](http://eoalarp.com:3200/home/races/Sprite)