<!-- TITLE: Beetzel --> <!-- SUBTITLE: A quick summary of Beetzel --> # Beetzel Overview <img src="/uploads/races/beetzel.jpg" width="200" height="300"/> To races unfamiliar with the insect like Beetzel, their appearance can be unsettling. They are often mistaken for monsters, and sometimes accidentally fall into that misconception because of their beliefs and mentality. When not feared as monsters, Beetzels are very capable warriors and loyal companions. It’s unclear when Beetzels surfaced into the world, however they have become a part of many societies across Terra. They are renowned traders providing exotic foods and materials from beneath the ground. There has been a known connection between the Beetzels and Gnomes for a long time. This is likely due to Gnomes’ unique understanding of trade and access to various markets. ## Appearance Beetzel typically stand between 5 ½ and 6 ½ feet tall. Their bodies are covered in a hardened yellow carapace, that is uniquely segmented with black lines. ## Life Expectancy Beetzel generally live to be about 30 years old, and they rarely die of "old age." An old Beetzel will continue to hunt until it is killed by its prey. ## What are Beetzel Beetzel society is made up of two distinct groups. The Gexi, or “nomad people”, and the Angex, or “settled people”. The barbaric Gexi are slow to trust and wary of outsiders. The more civilized Angex are usually friendlier than their nomadic cousins however, that does not make them any less cautious. Beetzel basic social units are the clutch and the pack. A clutch is a small group (no more than eight) to which an individual Beetzel has a close bond. The concept of the clutch combines “team,” “friends” and “family.” Every Beetzel has a birth clutch that consists of all surviving members of the group of eggs from which it hatched. Later in life, each Beetzel forms one or more other clutches. A pack is a larger social unit that consists of any number of clutches. If deprived of a clutch, a Beetzel is biologically compelled to seek out a new group to join. Obeying their pack instincts, Beetzel try to find their place in any group. They use a series of challenges to determine the pecking order, assessing their possible clutch mates in secret or, when necessary, demanding trial by combat. Beetzel seize leadership of groups in which they’re the strongest members, but they are willing to accept subordinate roles in the presence of powerful allies. They take orders from the pack or clutch leader without hesitation, eager to fulfill the duties of their position. Any member of the clutch is free to voice its opinion and offer advice. Indeed, each member is expected to have expertise in matters the others do not. All must contribute to the good of the clutch and the success of the hunt. Beetzel grow up quickly, becoming a full grown adult within three years of hatching. Beetzel growth is defined like most other insects, as their features will change through a series of molts. Until a Beetzel has reach adulthood they may be call young or larva. Some will go by a pack or clutch name, sometimes the name of their parents. When a Beetzel has reached maturity and proven his worth to the hunt, it is then they are given a name that suits their being or they may chose one for themselves. ## Places of History **Arankarat** - Beetzels are often drawn towards the deeper places in search of Arankarat. It is believed that their birthplace, from which they emerged, can be found. Those who have attempted to reach it, have never returned. This could be due to the difficulty of the journey or that once it was reached the travelers chose not to return. ## Legends of Old **Krosix** - Known as the carrier of wisdom, Krosix is a giant white Beetzel, that roams the lands. If a young Beetzel happens upon him, it is known that he will pass on great wisdom. **Thul’Seek** - It is believed that long ago, the Beetzel were given a ancient task to construct and build for the Great One. ## Player Details **Makeup Requirements:** Players are required to have yellow makeup around the eyes with a single black vertical line from above the eye to below each eye. They must also wear antenna. **Advantages:** Due to their innate affinity for the underground, Beetzels are naturally able to navigate underground and thus are gifted with Subterranean Direction. Beetzels are an extremely resilient race which is why they naturally gain the Rugged skill. They may purchase one more additional Rugged skill than normal as a Racial Ability. This means that a Beetzel may start with up to 2 Rugged Skills. If they are of the Warrior Class, they may purchase more per the skill requirements. (1) Racial Free, (1) Racial Purchased **Disadvantages:** Beetzels are easily persuaded and like to follow orders. Due to their weak willed nature, Beetzels take Charm effects twice (i.e. requires 2 resists).