<!-- TITLE: Nathair --> <!-- SUBTITLE: A quick summary of Nathair --> # Nathair Overview ![Nathair](/uploads/races/nathair.png "Nathair") Nathair are a suspicious race of snake-like humanoids that live within the seclusion of the Mezok Jungles. Their very nature is extremely complex, and seldom shared with non-scaled folk. Most Nathair have societies run by a plutocracy, while others are driven by loosely tethered social bonds and near animalistic impulses. Regardless, their fearful and xenophobic nature results in rare contact with outsiders. By their very nature, trust is hard for a Nathir to obtain and equally hard for them to give. As cold-blooded creatures it should be no surprise that they’re often found in warm locations. Nathair do not covet nor care about things such as honor or remorse. The only thing that a Nathair truly respects is power, no matter how it is attained. ## Appearance Nathair are a mix of serpent and human. Some appear more serpent like than others but all have some common features, such as the scaled human-esque face and arms. Their skin consists of tightly woven reptilian scales and a soft underbody. Some have adapted to their regions, such as the Nathair of the sea who have changed to be better suited for living in the sea. Most Nathair reside within the Jungle of Mezok. It's believed to be their ancestral home. ## Life Expectancy Nathair live for approximately 75 years and reach maturity around the age of 5 years. From the moment of their birth, Nathair survive on their own without any assistance from their parents. Nathair continue to grow throughout their lifetime, however it slows to an incredibly slow rate once individuals mature. ## What are Nathair Nathair are true believers that stake their entire culture and life in their creator. This belief has given rise to a term used among the Nathair, “sithis velo” which means favored ones. To the Nathair, nothing is more powerful than their ruler, the Supreme Emperor Thylian Nhyris Extamis. He is said to be born from the first line created by the great serpent, Tol’Brynn. It is claimed that the Emperor’s bloodline was created from the blood of Tol’Brynn, which is why they shall always be the ruling family. While the Emperor is the ultimate law of the Nathair society, his Counsel of Scale controls most of the mundane issues of governmental rule and advising on all important matters. The Nathair await the return of Tol’Brynn and build monolithic stone cities in his honor. Enormous bronze depictions of Emperor Thylian adorn all Nathair cities, as he represents the living embodiment of Tol’Brynn himself. By nature, the Nathair are perfectionists and will spend as much time is needed to ensure that every detail is perfect, regardless of their task. Most Nathair can be found within the monolithic cities in the Mezok Jungles, while some choose to live on the outskirts removed from the bustling, busy streets. ## Places of History **Serpent's Labyrinth** - The Serpent's Labyrinth is a massive underground tunnel system that is said to house the tombs of all past Emperors and the reminders of their reign. It isn’t uncommon for the current day Emperor to seek out favor and wisdom from his ancestors in times of particular trouble. These tomb locations are kept secret to all but the royal family, and are said to be protected by serpents of monstrous size. ## Legends of Old **Tol’Brynn** - The Nathair await the return of Tol’Brynn, the Great Serpent, and build monolithic stone cities in his honor. He is believed to be the first of the Nathair. ## Player Details **Makeup Requirements:** Black tear drop eye sockets with the point following the inside of the eye to the nose. The Nathair must also have 3 patches of green scales on the face. Preferably a patch on each cheek and one on the forehead. -Optional- Players may elect to wear fangs and contacts that suit this race if they wish, but these additions are purely optional. **Advantages:** Nathair can escape any confining spell on a thirty count. They can also produce a venom that can be applied to a blade that allows the player to call the “poison” tag line for one swing. These poison coatings last until reset. They can be purchased every 5 levels for 2 c.p. **Disadvantages:** Ice spells/damage cause the "slow" status effect for 5 minutes.