<!-- TITLE: Sprite --> <!-- SUBTITLE: A quick summary of Sprite --> # Sprite ![Sprite](/uploads/races/sprite.png "Sprite") The secrets and mysteries of the forests of Terra are quite abundant. Within the deepest reaches of the forest, shrouded in mystery, you will find Sprites. They are the protectors of nature and defenders of Terra’s beauty. Sprites are a very reclusive group and tend to stick with their own. In times of peace Sprites are known to wear bright colors and tend to exude happiness and cheer. When times of conflict come upon a Sprite, they will don darker attire more befitting to battle and their very demeanor will shift to that of a warrior. Sprites rarely venture beyond their wooded homes, but those that do will never speak of their homeland. This is for fear of discovery and reprisal. ## Appearance Sprites typically stand between 3 ½ and 5 feet tall. They have wings coming out of their backs that are typically in designs ranging from butterfly like to dragonfly like in appearance. Their eyes are always adorned in various shades of colors and markings. ## Life Expectancy Unknown, but individual sprites have been know to live over 500 years. Sprites do not often go out and risk their lives, preferring the sanctity of the forest. Their careful nature has protected countless Sprites, from undue harm. ## What are Sprites Sprites are innately curious beings, and they enjoy learning a great deal. Insofar as they are somewhat preoccupied with learning and trying new things, they enjoy craft making of all sorts. Those who are masters of their craft are highly regarded in Sprite society. In general, the gaining of knowledge of all types is a habit and preoccupation of all Sprites. Some enjoy specializing and mastering one art first before moving on to the next thing, but dabbling in many different skills is also generally acceptable in their culture. Sprites also tend to have a somewhat hedonistic view of life, indulging actively in wine, companionship, and song. Sprites can vary from prim to promiscuous. Some are brave and strong while others are kind and gentle. Sprites are very strong believers in freedom, and as such are opposed to slavery and anything that removes free will. Even with such strong beliefs for free will, you will find an intricate society of Sprites lurking. Within most ancient forests, a society of Sprites can be found hidden within. These thriving societies are typically closed off from outsiders and tend to be hard to find by anyone other than a Sprite. The culture of these villages is typically governed by a council of Elders. No one really knows exactly what constitutes being an Elder other than you just know when it's time. When an Elder is ready to pass on, they strike off into the forest alone, and disappear forever. ## Places of History **Alfalis’Elfas** - The first forest also known as the Mystwood, has existed since the days of old. It now rests within myth and legend. A mist will often fill the area, then children will vanish from the surrounding cities to never be seen again. It is believed that the ancient Fae are the cause of the children's disappearance. ## Legends of Old **Fairy Queen Alustrial** - All Sprites, according to legend, must answer to the Fairy Queen. She is one of the great Sidhe and is regarded as royalty among all the fae. ## Player Details **Makeup Requirements:** They have wings coming out of their backs that are typically in designs ranging from butterfly like to dragonfly like in appearance. Their eyes are always adorned in various shades of colors and markings. **Advantages:** One of the gifts bestowed upon Sprites from the Great Mother was the ability to become one with trees. This ability is known as Tree Meld. Tree Meld allows the caster to meld into a tree on a "Melding" 3 count, the caster puts his hands on his head as if out of play and faces the tree. The Sprite cannot see anything, but can hear everything going on, and is immune to all effects while in the space. May stay in the tree for up to one hour, or until the sprite comes out on a "Melding out of tree" 3 count. Due to their smaller stature and supernatural reflexes, it is very difficult to strike a Sprite. These quick reflexes grant them all the natural ability to Dodge. Though it is mostly a roleplay mechanic, a Sprite will never become lost when traveling through the forest. **Disadvantages:** Due to their small stature, sprites cannot wield two-handed weapons of any kind, this includes spears. They also cannot buy the strength skill.