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  • One Day Events

    Just curious if anyone would like to convey their thoughts related to one day events. Does the idea interest you or does it not really fill the LARP void that you are hoping to get. There are no right or wrong answers just kinda curious how folks feel about it.

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  • Staff Team

    This is current hard working staff team for Echoes of Athus.

    Co-owner / General Manager - Brian Basoco
    Co-owner / Legal Advisor - Cody Loggins
    Co-owner / Head of Plot - John Durapau


    Ryan Beets
    Holly Beets
    Andrew Beets
    Jesse Thomas

    Staff Members

    Social Media - Holly Beets
    Social Media - Riannon Goff
    Tavern Mom - Amanda Ward

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  • Tickfaw Event Location

    Some of our EOA events may be held at Tickfaw State Park in Springfield, LA at Group Camp 1.

    Group Camp 1 Address: 27225 Patterson Road. Springfield, LA 70462

    Things that a player needs to know about playing EOA and what is expected of you while at the event. The most important thing that you can do is be on-site (at the campground) with enough time to be ready for the start of the game. We recommend that you arrive by no later than 7:00 pm to give you ample time to get settled in before the game begins. Upon arriving to the site you will need to: find the check-In site, create / update your character, unpack and be ready for opening ceremonies (when the game starts).

    IMPORTANT: It is necessary for you to bring a legal ID because you will need to sign a legal release form. Even though we do everything possible to maintain one another’s safety, we’re still outdoors and things can happen! You must be 17 years of age or older to play EOA, therefore your birthday must fall on the Friday of the event that you plan to attend in order to be eligible to sign the waiver to play.

    0_1545153276789_Tickfaw Map.PNG

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  • RE: December Event Highlights

    I’m so exhausted. Its events like this that remind me I’m old. My favorite moment had to be John Norton vs the Racoon Statue. Statue 1- John 0

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  • December Event Highlights

    I had a blast this weekend. The last couple of weeks leading up to LARP I have been really stressed with work. So when I was able to see everyone and really just narrate it was a awesome experience. Also super pumped to see our base continuing to grow. Lets keep sharing the love for EOA and let others know about us.

    Favorite Moments:

    Everyone trying everything to get passed the gas in the cave. Then Bob says, we just need a bigger fire. I couldn’t stop laughing.

    The cave mod was a ton of fun to run and I hope it was fun for you all.

    Though I didn’t get to see it, apparently Emmanuel being Poisoned was a highlight of the event.

    Watching Jesse deliberately drag Coral away was just nuts.

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