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    The purpose of this forum is to ask and answer questions about anything rules-related to Echoes of Athus LARP.

    It is not meant as a forum to suggest new ideas or propose rule changes.

    Incorrect information, improperly using this forum or doing anything besides asking or answering a question will cause your post to be deleted.

    Moderators of this forum will close (lock) a thread when they feel a question has been answered. This helps us to keep things organized. Feel free to start a new thread if you have a new question about an old (locked) question.

    PLEASE QUOTE THE RULE YOU ARE ASKING ABOUT. This prevents everyone from having to look it up individuality.

    If you are answering a question, PLEASE QUOTE FROM THE RULEBOOK. This helps to prevent incorrect rules calls from spreading.


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  • Just curious if anyone would like to convey their thoughts related to one day events. Does the idea interest you or does it not really fill the LARP void that you are hoping to get. There are no right or wrong answers just kinda curious how folks feel about it.

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