Event cost?

  • Hello,

    As the day of the first event draws nearer and nearer, with us being little more than just a month away, I figured I should ask what the price of the events will be? I’ve scoured the wiki, but every time payment is brought up, it dances passed the point. If this information could be provided so we could be better prepared for check in better it would be most helpful.


  • Hi spade, pricing has all ready been listed on the forums. It can be found here http://eoalarp.com:4567/topic/24/pricing-structure. If you have anymore questions ask away. There should be a post coming soon to allow you to prereg. 🙂

  • administrators

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We did post the pricing on the forums and the Facebook page but missed updating the wiki with this information. The pricing structure has been added to the check-in section of the wiki.

    Keep the feedback coming!!


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