1st Event- 08/18

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    I’m so tired. We appreciate everyone who was able to attend our first game. I’m completely exhausted and the LARP soreness is 100% real. I had so much fun at this event and can’t express how happy I am with our first run at this game. It was an amazing event all the way down from the beginning character interactions to the amazing costumes and armor. I’ve always felt that it was very difficult to keep up great armor and makeup in southern Louisiana LARP and our players really blew it out of the water.

  • I wanted to go out and check you out… I hope to figure out something for Sept… for realz

  • @adam-b said in 1st Event- 08/18:

    I wanted to go out and check you out… I hope to figure out something for Sept… for realz

    I hope you make it out. We would love to have you out there with us like in the old days, and I think you’d really enjoy the setting/play style/story.

    I have to admit that I was a little afraid that we would have a dud of a first event, but I’m extremely happy to say that it turned out to be A LOT of fun. In all honesty, that is because we had some great players who showed up and were ready to go.

    I think Trip/David said something to the effect that he had a lot of fun but he has to be honest in thinking that it is going to be really hard for us to keep up the level of interaction that we had. Challenge accepted my friend, challenge accepted.

    Also I just want to tell Danny, one more time, “working as intended!” Ha! Prop mods for the win!

    So I look forward to more people showing up, bringing friends, and having a blast.



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