Awesome TV Series

  • Anyone found some crazy good binge shows to get into as of late? Always interested to hear about some new stuff to get out there and watch. Some of the ones I am watching and or have watched recently.

    • Altered Carbon
    • Young Sheldon
    • Flash
    • Fresh off the Boat

  • A few that I have started watching
    -Netflix version of Sabrina (Actually really good way better then original)
    -Discombobulated (If your looking for a American Dad/Futurama style show set in medevil fantasy.
    -Good Doctor
    -Cool Kids

  • Started watching Legends of Tomorrow. Not gonna say it’s amazing or anything, but I’m a DC fan and it’s definitely picking up. Also I love Captain Cold and Heatwave. Seeing Rory’s actor in a Doctor-esque role is pretty fun in itself.

    The Haunting of Hill House has been great so far. Slow paced but it lets them build up the characters and tension. Not a fan of cheap jump scare and gore schlock horror / torture porn, but spooky ghost stuff is right up my alley. End of EP1 is the first time I’ve literally had chills watching something, probably in forever. Helps to have a good home theater setup and a dark room. 🙂

    It’s been a few years so it’s definitely not new but we really liked Bones up until S7 or so.

    We’ve watched so much shit on Netflix over the years, I’ma have to think about it and post some more.

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