December Event Highlights

  • I had a blast this weekend. The last couple of weeks leading up to LARP I have been really stressed with work. So when I was able to see everyone and really just narrate it was a awesome experience. Also super pumped to see our base continuing to grow. Lets keep sharing the love for EOA and let others know about us.

    Favorite Moments:

    Everyone trying everything to get passed the gas in the cave. Then Bob says, we just need a bigger fire. I couldn’t stop laughing.

    The cave mod was a ton of fun to run and I hope it was fun for you all.

    Though I didn’t get to see it, apparently Emmanuel being Poisoned was a highlight of the event.

    Watching Jesse deliberately drag Coral away was just nuts.

  • Only like 2 people saw this, but I think for me it was Saturday night. I was talking to Cody when he was the drunken knight and I got so into character I legit cried in character. This is my highlight because later I was dying laughing thinking about that flicker of “Oh f*ck he’s actually crying” in Cody’s eyes.

  • I’m so exhausted. Its events like this that remind me I’m old. My favorite moment had to be John Norton vs the Racoon Statue. Statue 1- John 0

  • Favorite moment had to be, “I STILL GOT LEEEEEEEGS! kick

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