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    The EOA staff believe in a healthy LARP community and would like to see everyone respect that vision. We will constantly strive to make our forums informative, accurate, fun and interesting as possible, while maintaining an environment that is respectful of the community. The LARP community is made up of a diverse group of individuals with a variety of backgrounds and experiences throughout our membership. All members are expected to treat one another with dignity and respect at all times in their posts, private messages and overall conduct.

    Below you will find a list of evolving rules for conduct while posting on the forums. Those who choose to not follow the rules may be warned, have their account temporarily suspended, or possibly banned at the discretion of the EOA staff.

    Please respect your fellow posters by adhering to the following rules:

    • Do not use derogatory comments. This includes in your posts, username, bio information, and signature line.

    • Do not post pictures or links to inappropriate images. This includes your avatar.

    • Be mindful of your language. Determining what is “excessive” or “extreme” will be the responsibility of the EOA Staff and their decisions in this regard will be final.

    • Do not attack or insult a person in an effort to elicit a negative response. You have a right to disagree, but you must do so in a respectful manner.

    • Do not post topics or discussions with the desire to do the site or the community harm. This includes creating topics or posts meant to disrupt the site’s day-to-day management, member resources, or the ability for the site to function normally.

    • Do not attempt to abuse or cause damage to the site or services by exploiting them. This includes the theft of bandwidth by linking site images to personal or high traffic websites.

    • Do not post links to commercial websites for the purpose of advertising a particular product or service. We do not prohibit providing the name of a commercial product or service, without links, with some caveats. Namely, mentioning a product or service should be germane to forum discussions and should not appear to be solely used for advertising.

    We do reserve the right to remove information posted or ban any member for any reason at any time.

    If you see a post or a thread that is breaking any of the rules, please report it to let us know.


    • SPAM (Personal, Profile, Business or Website Promotion)
    • Trolling (Argumentative Posts Meant To Bait People)
    • Flaming (Personal Attacks)
    • Chat Posts (Off-Topic Personal Comments Back & Forth)

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